Do we need a reason to hang out at our favorite street food shop?  Certainly not! India is known for its different food flavors that street food has. Each street food has different taste and a different story behind which makes it widely popular. Here we have listed 10 street foods that you can stop yourself from eating.

  1. Paani Puri

Known as Puchka and Golgappe in many parts of India, paani puri is one of the best and delicious street foods in India. Served with two different chutneys and spicy water, paani puri is a go-to snack for many. Now you can enjoy your favorite paani puri at the comfort of your home. All you have to do is order your favorite variety from online food service giants like Faasos and do not forget to use Faasos coupon code to save your money.

  1. Chhole Bhature

The North Indian food, Chhole Bhature, is readily available throughout India. This delicious street food is staple breakfast for many. No matter how strict diet you follow, you cannot resist yourself from eating hot served Chhole Bhature. There are many variants of bhatura. Some have paneer feeling, and others are served without the filling.

  1. Litti Chokha

Another street food that you can’t say no to is Litti Chokha. It is the traditional cuisine of Bihar; however, people from different parts of the country find solace after having a plate of this cuisine. Like most of the street foods, you can have it as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The nicely mashed curry is served with bread that is made from gram flour. What makes it a delight to have is a spoon full of ghee.

  1. Momos

This English version of samosa has made its way from Nepal’s street foods to Indian street foods. We can’t thank Nepal enough for introducing this yummy snack that we can binge on any time without bothering about the calories. Momos are available across the countries in different variants such as veg-momos, non-veg momos, etc. How can we forget about the tangy red chutney offered with it? It is as spicy and scrumptious.

  1. Tunde Kabab

Though the street food is readily available in many parts of the country, no one can match the real taste of Luchnow’s Tunde Kabab. There is a small story about how the dish got its name Tunde. Haji Murad Ali, the man who intruded this street food, was one-handed, and therefore the street food got its name Tunde which means a person with one hand.

  1. Chaat

The lips smacking dish was invented in one of the Mughal emperor’s kitchen. Over the years the recipe has evolved in the various forms such as Bhel Puri, Dahi Puri, etc. and each variant is a feast for street food lovers. What makes chaat different from other street foods is its ingredients which makes it colorful and feast for many.

  1. Aloo Tikki

If you thought that the crunchy aloo tikki was originated in Delhi, then you are undoubtedly wrong. The mouth-watering street food was introduced by Nawabs of Lucknow, owing to its mind-blowing taste every city has a different version of Aloo tikki, the original version consists of vegetable stuffed small puffs and is served with green peas curry or sweet/sour chutneys.

  1. Kachori

How can we not add Kachoris in our list of streets food? Technically, these aren’t street food but are readily available on the streets. Thus, it is categorized as street food. There are different versions of Kachori such as Aloo ki kachori, Matar ki kachori, pyaz ki kachori, and many more. Each variation has a distinct taste. Amongst all Bikaneri Kachories are quite famous. If you ever visit the place, make sure you have a plate of Kachori along with the chutneys offered.

  1. Vada Pao

The Indian counterpart of Burger is one of the staples of Mumbai. The Marathi cuisine is now available in other cities as well. Owing to its popularity, many online food stores like Faasos also offer the dish that too with the same taste. The non-vegetarians equally love the vegetarian snack.

  1. Chowmein

Chow mein is one dish that made Chinese cuisine favorite amongst Indians. Synonymous with noodles, this snack reminds us of childhood days when we used to stand in the long queue to get a plate of chowmein from the street shop. The snack still enjoys wide popularity among people of all age.


India is known for its street foods like paani puri, aloo tikki, momos, and many more to name. Many of these snacks have originated in India, and many have been adapted according to the Indian taste. The love for street food will never end.