18k Yellow gold Jewellery is often associated with all things auspicious, we often purchase them during festivals, weddings, celebrations and during personal milestones. With the outset of time buying gold Jewellery has become a casual affair than a family one. Traditional shopping methods changed, the typical visits to a goldsmith or a family Jeweller are no longer required with the advent of online shopping. Plain gold jewellery, diamond Jewellery, silver or jewellery with gemstones– you can practically buy gold Jewellery of every kind right at the comfort of your home.

Few Tips & Tricks To Buy 18K Yellow Gold Jewellery


The new effortless way to shop is online. 22Kt or 18K yellow gold Jewellery can now be bought online in a few simple steps, however, here are a few tips and tricks to buy gold Jewellery cautiously:

  1. Your first online stop should be not simple retailers but yellow gold Jewellery wholesaler or a yellow gold Jewellery manufacturer with no minimum limit. Look for a b2b website who also accept retail orders, this way you can save a lot.
  2. Buying online can always be overwhelming, check out the design intricacies closely, don’t mind reaching the seller to find out if you have any queries, this way you can also understand how approachable they are.
  3. 18K yellow gold Jewellery is the new fad, this is extensively used in making diamond Jewellery and jewellery with gemstones studded in them. They are often lightweight and are affordable too. But one should ensure that Jewellery with precious gemstones and diamonds carries an authentic certification.
  4. You can browse through a number of services that Jewellers offer while buying online such as Live video shopping, virtual try-on, and try @homein a few locations. You can also chat with them virtually to find out if they have any such services.
  5. Gold, diamonds, or Jewellery with precious gemstones, ensure you check the design range, price, weight. Draw a fair comparison between two or more Jewellers offering the same product range before you decide to buy.
  6. While buying online make sure you choose to buy from a credible, reputable, and established Jewellery house that also have a physical presence. This way you rest assured you have a point of contact than shopping everything virtually.
  7. Not all 18K yellow gold Jewellery manufacturers will necessarily have a website to shop from. If you know any such established Jeweller in your known circle or proximity, do reach out to ask for designs. They would be more than happy to share. You can also ask for custom make Jewellery from the existing design.
  8. While buying Jewellery online if you pick an 18K Jewellery, make sure the billing is done for 18K purity than 22K price. You should also ascertain the prevailing price before making the payment, to be double sure that Jeweller is not exorbitantly charging.
  9. Making charges are another important aspect to look for while buying online. Ideally making charges depend on the design, if you are choosing something plain then they shouldn’t be too high. If it is too high then you may look for other options.
  10.  Look for festive offers, discounts, and ongoing sale this will help you save money.
  11. Most of the Jewellers have a robust return and exchange policy, however, there will be some clauses you may miss. So read through the policy patiently and clear any queries that you may have. An ideal return policy would be free return up to 15 days or 30 days depending upon the Jeweller.
  12.  There will also be an exchange policy in place and the exchange rates are pre-defined in terms of percentage.   Ideally while exchanging online the courier charges have to be born by you, so read through to get an understanding.
  13. Look for customer reviews either on google or market place sites like Etsy, Amazon.
  14. One should also look for transit insurance- many Jewellers provide free transit insurance on the item that is shipped. Some may provide only for an international shipment while some provide for domestic too.
  15.  Carefully watch for the ups and downs in the gold price, place your order on a day when it decreases. You can also look for 18K yellow gold Jewellery wholesalers website to take a look at gold price trends.

Buying Jewellery always stays special for the emotion it holds in our lives. Make the most of this buying experience. While buying Jewellery online can seem to be hassle free and fun, it comes with kickbacks too. Ensure you do your due diligence before bringing your coveted piece to your doorstep. Read through the tips, browse through designs, take note of friends & family opinion and think wisely.