Summer in regions like UAE is known to be hot. So in this scorching part of the year, you need to keep up with some useful driving tips to stay safe.

When temperatures get higher, people start taking care of their skin by applying sunblock, house by getting the AC maintained and staying hydrated all the time. But is it just yourself – like physically – that needs proper care. Not really! When the temperature gets record-high, you need to be cautious about the effects that heat can have on your vehicles.

Everything from the air conditioning system of your car to the appropriate tire pressure needs to be checked if you want to safely and comfortably travel from point A to B. Here’re a few useful tips that you need to get along with before driving in the hot weather. So let’s dive in;

  1. Overheating

While driving, you might start getting the signal on the dashboard that your car is overheating. In such cases, you have to be careful as you just can’t keep on driving in such conditions otherwise you might end up with a pricey repair. Therefore, just pull over as you’ll need to let the engine cool down.  There’s a symbol on your dashboard for this that’s part of your temperature gauge and means that your car is getting too hot & perhaps in danger of overheating.

In case you can’t stop right away, just turn off the air conditioner and turn on the car’s heater with full blast. It’ll pull hot air from the engine that’ll cool your engine down. For sure, it won’t at all cool you down, but will save some expensive repairs on your car.

  1. Car Tires

When you’re heading out, just make sure that your car tires are inflated properly. Keep in mind! The underinflated tires flex more that cause heat buildup. Since we are talking about hot summer, the conditions are likely to be even hotter, and the underinflated tires will fail. Also, don’t forget the spare tires.

In case your car has one, just check you have the jack & tools to change a wheel. Most of all! You must check the tread depth as well. In case the thread is below 1.6mm, consider it as bald, and it’s time to replace the tires and get a new SUV tyre in Dubai.

  1. Have an Emergency Kit

May odds ever be in your favor! It’s imperative to carry an emergency kit as it would be of great use just in case sometimes goes wrong. It’s something that you can keep in your car all year round. But in extreme weather condition like hot summer, it’s even more critical. The kit has to be stored somewhere safe as well as accessible. Here’re a few things that it should include;

  • Flashlight
  • Jumper Cables
  • Water
  • Road Flares
  • First Aid Kit
  • Nonperishable Food Items

Make sure you have all these things as they could end up being a lifesaver in the times of need.