When experiencing vision problems, a visit to an optical shop becomes essential. Whether you need sunglasses, contact lenses, or prescription glasses, choosing the right shop in Nairobi is crucial.

To ensure your vision is in safe hands, consider these key features when searching for an optical shop.

Customer service

The first key feature when looking for an optical shop is customer service. This should include working extended hours to match the busy schedule of some customers and same day service for eyewear. This is an appealing feature for customers looking forward to making the most of the few free moments.

Having knowledgeable and courteous staff is equally crucial. The customer service department of the optical shop should be responsive to address concerns and provide professional advice on suitable eyewear. They should offer various communication channels, such as WhatsApp, email, telephone, and social media, to cater to customer needs

Eye exams

When looking for optical shops in Nairobi, consider one offering eye exams before issuing prescription glasses. The ideal shop should allow scheduling an appointment for an eye exam online for convenience. This lessens time spend in long queues. Undertaking an eye exam is very important to ensure that you are prescribed the ideal glasses to math your vision requirement.

The store should have proprietary technology for undertaking the exam with faster results. This allows getting your prescript glasses in the shortest time possible. A comprehensive eye exam allows choosing frames and lenses in a shorter time frame. This allows getting your vision back to normal shortly.

Wide range of frames

The ideal optical shop should offer a range of frames. This ensures that you get exactly what you want before leaving the store. Find a store with a range of frames from reputed brands including:

  • Toni Valencia
  • Oxygene
  • Cactus
  • Optica
  • Ray Ban
  • Couture
  • Paul Redford

Offering unlimited range of frames ensures customer satisfaction. This is very important since frames are made to match one’s profession, face shape, and purpose.


Just like other professions, experience matters when searching for an optical shop Nairobi. The longer the shop has been in business the better the chances of having more expertise in the industry. Technology is always changing and the store should ensure to keep at par by offering a range of products in various categories. A Nairobi optical shop that has been in business since 1959 offers satisfaction than a new establishment. You will always have peace of mind that your vision is in the hands of eye care professionals.

Affordable prices

With everyone looking forward to saving a few shillings here and there, products from an ideal optical shop should not cost a fortune. The shop should have a variety of products to match everyone’s style, purpose, and budget. Apart from allowing saving, an affordable eye shop is likely to become a favorite for the whole family. You are likely to recommend the shop to your extended family and friends too.

Multiple locations

A good optical shop in one location becomes unfavorable. This is because accessing their services becomes harder the further you go away from their location. So, it pays to find one with affordable rates, top-notch services, and multiple locations. You can book an eye exam from the company website and get it physically done from the nearest location using a locator. This significantly lowers the cost of accessing services offered by the optical shop. Additionally, it saves you a great deal of time since you just have to go to the nearest location.

Online presence

Finally, the ideal optical shop should have an online presence. Growing internet use in Kenya makes a lot of people to be online. So, smart business owners make an effort to tap into the tech-savvy market. An optical shop with a website makes everything easier for you. There is no need to visit its location physically to know the services and products they offer.

You can just send a few minutes browsing through the range of frames they have. Additionally, you can book an eye test on the site. The website should also have some handy features including a face guide to help you select the right frame matching your face. The conveniences offered by the optical shop’s website makes your experience with them more enjoyable.

Bottom line

When having vision problems or want to protect your eyes from the sun, visiting the nearest optical shop is inevitable. The ideal shop should have multiple locations to increase chances of having one near your location. Equally important is having industry experience for peace of mind that you are entrusting your vision with eye care experts.