We use makeup to enhance certain areas we love about your face and cover up the ones we don’t. However, it’s ridiculous how something that makes us look and feel beautiful is the same thing that messes up with the quality of our skin.

Applying makeup every single day can take a serious toll on your skin. Wearing too much makeup can expose your skin to a huge amount of toxins and chemicals. That said, skincare experts recommend skipping makeup from time to time and stick to your essential skincare regime (cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection).

Are you bold enough to go makeup-free? Here are 8 amazing things that would happen if you take a break from using makeup.

1. You’ll notice your pores getting smaller and tighter

Caking your face every single day will make your pores bigger. The makeup particles, along with the air pollutants your skin is exposed to, are enough to build up dirt, causing pores to become clogged and appear enlarged.

Stopping makeup, accompanied by regular facial cleansing, can make your pores breathe and minimize the buildup inside the pores. They’ll feel smaller and tighter, giving your face a smoother finish.

2. You’ll have fewer breakouts

You'll have fewer breakouts

Isn’t it ironic how something that makes you look flawless and blemish-free can be the same thing that makes your breakouts worse? If you wear makeup every day, some of it will inevitably seep into your pores, aggravating your acne and blemishes. You cover acne with makeup, which will then result in more pimples, which will then result in more makeup to cover it up, and so on.

Reverse the vicious cycle by wearing less makeup, which means fewer pimples. If you have serious acne, don’t depend on “best full-coverage concealer in town” – ask your dermatologist about the best acne treatment.

3. You’ll have fewer allergic reactions

Not sure what’s making your skin red, dry itchy? Here’s the thing: Parabens, metals, and sulfates – all these things can be found in your everyday makeup and skincare products. Not to mention, the gross stuff lurking on your makeup brushes you’re guilty of not cleaning regularly. The bad news is, cosmetic products aren’t subjected to the same, strict checks as food or medicine before being mass-produced and sold.

Having a makeup detox might just be the answer.

4. You’ll have visibly healthier, more hydrated skin

You'll have visibly healthier

The quality of your skin will be a lot better after a few weeks of ditching your makeup. Another factor is you’re likely to focus more on perfecting your skincare routine rather than finding ways to cover up imperfections.

5. You won’t experience sudden eye infections

Red, itchy eyes are commonly caused by eye makeup products, from allergen-filled eye shadows to overdue mascara and eyeliners. Dirty makeup brushes, which accidentally pokes your eyes, are also culprits. You can save your peepers from infections and uncomfortable symptoms by taking a break from these harsh products.

6. Your eyes will look more refreshed

Your eyes will look more refreshed

In one of her videos, beauty vlogger Kristen Leo shared her experience of going make-up free for a year.

She claims that eyeliner makes the lines on the outer corners of her eyes (crow’s feet) more pronounced and darker. After she stopped wearing eyeliners and other heavy eye makeup products for a year, she noticed the problem spots were gone. She also noticed the darkness and puffiness on her lower eyelids were minimized.

7. Your eyelashes will be healthier and thicker

Do you love using eyelash curlers every day? How about waterproof, ultra-lengthening mascara? Everybody loves fluffy, doll-like lashes, right? I hate to break it to you but, while eyelash curlers and mascaras do the trick in making your eyes pop, they are notorious for damaging your natural eyelashes.

Worse, experts agree that your lashes might not grow back when you’re older if you won’t kick the habit today. Give your eyelashes a favor and take a break from using eyelash curlers and heavy mascaras. Your lashes will be healthier and thicker.

8. You will look younger and happier

You will look younger and happier

Going makeup-free means there’ll be no nasty, germy residues left behind to interrupt the formation of new cells. This leaves us with a face that looks naturally more vibrant, hydrated, and youthful.

And it’s not just about the makeup products, per se – skipping your makeup routine means you won’t be pulling on your lids when trying to get the perfect cat-eye, and rubbing too hard when removing makeup, which can all contribute to having fine lines and wrinkles. Taking a break from makeup not only does wonders for your skin and overall health – but it also has a positive and rewarding effect on your self-esteem. Little by little, you’ll start feeling confident in your own skin and realize you’re beautiful as you are – no daily face paint required!