Born in 1984 in Ogden, Adam Zimmer was a famous and well-known name in the sports industry. He was known to be an American professional football coach. He used to coach teams for the National Football League (NFL). Furthermore, he also served as an assistant coach for defensive backs and offensive analyst for the Cincinnati Bengals.

That’s not all!

He has even served as the assistant linebackers coach and co-defensive coordinator for different football teams. However, his life and football coaching career was for a very short time. It was on October 31, 2022, when the shocking news of Adam Zimmer’s death shook the entire sports industry. Yes, you read that right! Adam Zimmer is no more in this world. He died at the age of 38 in Minnesota. Initially, the reason for his death was unknown. However, two months after his death, the reason for his death surprised his family and fans.

In this blog, we have mentioned Adam Zimmer’s family, personal life, and death. Without further wait, let’s get started.

Key Facts About Adam Zimmer

Son Of Famous Father

You will be surprised to know that Adam Zimmer was the son of a famous American professional football coach—Mike Zimmer also called by name, Michael Zimmer.

Born in 1956, Michael Zimmer is a 66-year-old former football coach famous worldwide. Most recently, he has served as a head coach for the popular football team, Minnesota Vikings for the National Football League (NFL).

From 1994-2013, he was a defensive assistant for different football teams like Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys, and Cincinnati Bengals. Throughout his career, he has coached many teams and even helped them to win trophies. Since his childhood only, Mike was an athlete and had a keen interest in different sports like football, wrestling, and baseball. However, later he decided to focus on football only. Michael bagged his first coaching part-time job as a defensive assistant at Missouri University. And after that, he never looked back and achieved great heights of success.

It may come as a surprise to many people to know that Michael’s father, Bill Zimmer, was also a professional football coach. In fact, he was a famous ex-NFL player and coach who died at age 84. Apart from being a proud son, Michael is also a proud father of 3 kids: Adam, Corri, and Marki. Adam Zimmer was also a celebrated football coach who followed the footprints of his father and grandfather and became a household name in the football world. However, Adam died suddenly on October 31, 2022.

Adam Zimmer’s Early Life

As mentioned above, Adam was born in 1984 in Utah. His father, Mike Zimmer is a former American professional football coach while his grandfather, Bill Zimmer was also a former NFL player and coach. Just like his father and grandfather, Adam decided to pursue a career in the sports industry and became a famous American football coach. Since his childhood only, he had a keen interest in the sports industry and made a career in the same.

He coached multiple American football teams. This includes the New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, and Return to Bengals to name a few.

However, as per sources, both Adam Zimmer and his father, Mike Zimmer were terminated last year.

Adam Zimmer’s Sudden Death

The death news of Adam Zimmer came like a bolt from the blue for the football industry. He unexpectedly died on 31st October 2022 at the age of 38. He was found dead on his couch. The exact reason for his death was not confirmed initially. It was quite a mystery. However, two months after his death, the actual reason for his death has been disclosed.

As per reports, he died because of chronic alcohol abuse. The previous month, police officials of Mendota Heights were conducting a welfare check on Adam who used to live in Minnesota. When police went to Adam’s place, he was found dead on the couch. As per reports, police filed a search warrant affidavit that mentioned a man who was senseless after possibly excessive drinking. However, when they arrived at the location, Adam was already dead.

As per the police, there were also bruises around Adam’s eye. This means he even suffered from an eye injury.

Let’s Wrap Up

From the above-mentioned information, It is quite clear that Adam Zimmer died because of chronic ethanol use disorder. Excessive drinking or completely quitting drinking are some of the reasons responsible for alcohol use disorder. That’s all about Adam Zimmer’s personal life, family, and death.

Hopefully, now you know the exact reason for his death.

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