15 advice for Women on Hajj and Umrah

Written by World Aviation | March 13, 2020

advice for women on Hajj and Umrah

This article is filled with the knowledge about “15 advice for women on Hajj and Umrah” that is necessary to know for every woman before going to perform Umrah & Hajj.

Listen to these tips & work with them, and you will be one of the winners, God willing:

First advice

If you are unable to perform Hajj because of old age or illness, please do not acquit it or because it is difficult to reach the Sacred House. If you are able to own money, you are obliged to repay Hajj and Umrah for you.

Second advice

Do not wear white ihram garments as some women do when going out for Hajj and Umrah, because they do not cover up as they should, and they are not from the clothes of the women of the predecessors and it is similar to the clothes of men.

Third advice

Beware traveling without a mahram, because this is forbidden, and your Hajj is not correct for some scholars, and those who say that it is not valid will excuse you from the great sin because of going out without a mahram because the pilgrimage has already occurred when there is not mahram.

The forbidden must be a reasonable adult, for the insane and the young are not enough to be forbidden

Fourth advice

Do not forget the sincerity of the intention to God Almighty before you leave your home until God accepts your work from you.

Fifth advice

Do not leave your house, perfumed or decorated, because this is forbidden and is not appropriate for the travel for which you went out on this great journey.

Sixth advice

It is permissible for you to use menstruation pills at the time of Hajj for necessity, in order to perform all rituals if they are not harmful, and it is best to consult a doctor first before taking them, to determine your health condition.

Seventh advice

If you are pregnant and are afraid of nifaas to become infected during the days of Hajj, then you must stipulate at the time of ihraam that you say: “If you hold me in custody, then I must be allowed”

If nifaas hit you, you are the choice, if you wish, you are permissible from the Hajj, and you do not have anything, and if you wish, you will continue.

Eighth advice

If you pass the meeqaat, and you are menstruating, then you must enter ihraam (as ihraam is not required for purity), and it is possible for you for other women to do ghusl in the meeqaat, cleaning in general, trimming nails, and so on and keep your ihraam until you purify and do ghusl after menstruating, and then do tawaaf at home.

Ninth advice

If your menstruation after tawaaf and before seeking is complete with the rest of the rituals, then you are ninety, and if you have menstruation, and you fall short of your head and finish Umrah, because the quest does not stipulate purity for him.

Tenth advice

Make sure to be veiled as God has commanded you to cover all of your body, and beware of exposing the face or hands in front of foreign men, it is not permissible, but if you are in the midst of women, reveal the face and hands if you believe that none of the men will see you, and avoid transparent clothes that show something From your body and the distress that may describe your body, as well as beware of what some women do from exposing her breasts in front of foreigners under the pretext of breastfeeding the child or otherwise.

Eleventh advice

Avoid what the women do from the trill when going out for Hajj, returning from it, seeing Arafat, or the like, as it is not permissible.

Twelfth advice

Keep your tongue throughout the Hajj or Umrah, which is where most women fall from the majority of idiocy, backbiting, and gossip, and the observation of women and men around them, and what follows from the release of the tongue while God Almighty has forbidden, and the pilgrimage is a start to get rid of these forbidden customs and repent of them.

Do not raise your voice in the Talbiyah when the hermit, but it is very low, and men do not hear you.

Thirteenth advice

Understand the matters of your religion, and ask the scholars about what constitutes you from matters of worship, how to perform the hermit for a woman, and how to behave when menstruation or bleeding, and beware of circumambulation while you are menstruating, many women are embarrassed to tell her guardian or husband about her menstruation, and she is floating around on That case, and even returns to her country, and did not tell her guardian or husband, and there is no doubt that she commits a great sin that you will ask about if she does.

Fourteenth advice

Always warn against mixing with foreign men in tents, or in bathrooms, and others in a manner that scratches your life or signs you while God Almighty has forbidden. Some regiments of pilgrims put women with foreign men in one tent, and in this corruption is what only God knows.

Fifteenth advice

You do not enable your husband from yourself while you are in Umrah except after decomposing from it, and in Hajj except after the second decomposition, that is, after the anthrax of Aqaba, the circumambulation of Hajj, and his quest.

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