The words guest post service or guest posting are not new in the marketing world. Marketers around the world, especially digital marketers, know how important a guest post is in attracting online audiences. A good guest post can attract thousands, even millions of visitors to the website. If you are a blogger and wish to explore the world of guest posting, then go ahead. It is a decision you will not regret.

Guest blogging in brief

First of all, someone who writes a guest post is called a guest blogger or writer. What does a guest blogger do? A guest blogger writes and creates content for a third-party website or blog that is not his or her own. Normally, a guest blogger writes for a website that posts content relating to the guest blogger’s field. Additionally, some websites offer clients the option to choose between basic guest post or premium guest post service.

Why does a writer create guest content?

A writer create guest content for the following reasons:

  • To invite more readers or visitors to the guest creator’s site.
  • To use external links that go to domains with high authority to boost his or her domain.
  • A writer writes guest posts to increase his or her brand awareness, visibility, and credibility.
  • Establish connections with colleagues in the same field or related field.

The importance of guest post service to a business

The advantages of offering a guest post service to guest writers is more than one. Some of them are:

Helps you create a professional image in your industry

First, a guest writer who posts on third-party websites will be seen as a knowledgeable professional in his industry. He will also be able to make connections with other experts in the same industry. This will help him to improve his brand awareness and find new audiences.

Keeps your audience engaged

In addition, if your website offers a guest post service, your site visitors will appreciate the fresh content. Likewise, your readers will read content that is from a new perspective on your blog. This is essentially a good thing because as human beings, we get tired of doing or seeing the same thing. Thus, hosting guest content will keep your audience’s attention on your site.

A marketing strategy to attract more visitors

Guest writing is a form of marketing strategy that attracts more visitors. This is especially true when guest writers share links to the content they post on your blog with their audience.

Saves time and efforts

Many blogs on the internet mostly feature guest posts from external writers instead of writing the content themselves. This saves them the time and effort they would have used to look for what to write and write them. Thus, if you have limited resources to create unique content, simply feature as many guest posts as you can.

How to start guest blogging

Have a clear goal

To start a guest blog, first, make your goals clear. What do you expect to achieve with the guest post? Find websites or blogs in the same field as yours that will allow you to post real content to the public.

Start with partner firms and websites

You can start by guest posting for brands or companies that collaborate with you. Use it as a marketing plan to increase brand visibility. Furthermore, ensure the guest posts will help you establish relationships with firms you’d like to collaborate with later on.

Do not post on a suspicious website

Make sure you do proper research before you embark on this path. Find out ways to avoid posting on spam blogs or posting spam content that may bring trouble to your blog. Google flags spam content and blogs with spam posts.

Find writers in your industry

Your primary focus should be on writers that are in the same field as you. These writers should also have a good reputation and must be reliable. Likewise, the writer’s goals and intentions should align with your own. In other words, what the writers post must correlate with what your website posts or stands for. Otherwise, it will create a negative image of your brand or company at a rather rapid pace.

Factors to consider before venturing into guest posting

  • If you want to feature a guest post or write a guest post for a third-party website, think about this. Is the blog an active page that has active followers? Is the blogger an active one with active followers? Do these followers share the content with fellow followers, comment, and engage the page?
  • Does the guest writer or guest blog work in the same industry as yours or work in a related field?
  • Does the blogger or writer have any active social media pages with regular posts?
  • What about the domain authority of the website that features guest posts? Is it high enough to increase the guest writer’s SEO ranking?

Impact of guest writing on SEO

Positive impacts

To create high-quality guest posts for reputable blogs, you need to be careful and know what you are doing. In return, guest posting will be a vital tool in helping you build a high-authority domain. It will also increase your search engine ranking because the more engaging your content is, the more visitors it will attract. This will automatically increase your site visitors, visibility, and lastly, SEO ranking.

Possible negative impact

Some business owners and digital marketers are skeptical about using guest blogging as a marketing strategy. Their concerns are normal because there have been cases of guest posts hurting people’s businesses. This is due to the presence of spam bloggers who write bad-quality posts for their own benefit.


In summary, guest posting is generally beneficial for the site hosting the guest post and the guest writer. That is to say, a guest post is advantageous to both parties involved. Therefore, if you decide to go the route of guest blogging, please try to host guest posts on your site also. By offering guest post service, your website will benefit from the guest posts.