Allie Dunn is a determined and successful role model who has achieved her dreams easily. Allie has amassed a considerable following on Instagram and has successfully established a thriving career for herself.

Hailing from the United States, she has always had a passion for fashion and showcasing her appearance. She possesses an impressive sense of style and is skilled in striking poses in various types of attire, including swimwear. This has helped her work with big clothing brands and become even more famous.

Who is this Allie Dunn, and how did she become so well-known? Read this article to learn more about Allie, including her height, age, profession, and partner.

Birth, Education & Background

Allie Dunn is a well-known American fashion model, social media influencer, and Instagram celebrity. Born on April 14, 1999, in California, U.S., Allie’s rise to fame can be credited to her stunning Instagram photos. With her gorgeous blonde hair and captivating blue eyes, she has the ability to enchant anyone who sets eyes on her. Allie Dunn graduated from Chapman University.

In addition to her modeling gigs, Allie also keeps herself busy on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. On these platforms, she not only shares her love for fashion but also provides glimpses into her lifestyle.

On TikTok, you can find her posting videos where she lip-syncs to popular songs, showcasing her playful side.

As of 2023, at the tender age of 24, Allie has already garnered attention from various clothing brands, including sporting, swimwear, fashion, beauty, and more. Her impressive achievements at such a young age are a testament to her hard work and talent.

Allie Dunn: Parents & Siblings

Allie Dunn believes in keeping her professional and personal life separate. That’s why she doesn’t share a lot of information about her parents and siblings because she thinks it’s better to keep them private.

We have some publicly known information about Allie, including the fact that she has two sisters named Katherine and Jenny. You might see them in Allie’s videos sometimes. In 2021, Allie still lived at home with her father and sisters while she finished her studies.

We don’t know the names of her parents or what they do for a living. But we do know that Allie’s family has two dogs that they love. Their furry friends are Balto and Bailey.

Allie Dunn’s Journey to Success

Allie Dunn’s journey into the world of modeling took off as soon as she shared her very first Instagram images. With a natural flair for style and an early passion for striking poses, Allie quickly gained popularity and achieved remarkable success.

As her photos and videos garnered more and more likes, Allie’s Instagram following experienced substantial growth. We anticipate this number will soar even higher in the future.

Allie’s exceptional beauty, coupled with her unwavering dedication, enabled her to collaborate with a variety of esteemed brands. Notable collaborations include Allure the Brand, BOUTINE Los Angeles, One Swim, Halara, LSKD, and many others.

Allie Dunn Physical Attributes

Allie’s popularity in the modeling world stems from her stunning appearance. She is incredibly beautiful with a gorgeous body. Allie’s body measurements are truly remarkable, with a bust of 34 inches, a waist of 26 inches, and hips measuring 34 inches. These proportions contribute to her stunning physique, making her an absolute standout.

Standing at a height of 5 feet 7 inches and weighing 121 lbs, Allie has a fit and curvy figure that looks amazing in any outfit. Her blonde hair and blue eyes add to her overall beauty, and her smile keeps fans coming back for more.

On her Instagram account, Allie shares photos of herself wearing stylish clothes and colorful swimwear that highlight her incredible physique. It’s no surprise that fans absolutely love these pictures and appreciate Allie’s appealing looks.

Allie Dunn: Relationship Status


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Allie Dunn’s stunning looks naturally attract a lot of attention from the opposite sex. When she shares her photos on Instagram, many people leave praising comments, and some even hope to win her heart. Since 2019, Allie has been in a relationship with a boy named Colin Ferrier, showing the depth of their connection and adding to her happiness.

Allie Dunn: Social Media

Allie Dunn Instagram


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Allie Dunn has an Instagram account @allie_dunn and she has a whopping 531 K followers. You can see her beautiful pictures in stunning dresses and poses which she posts there. She also has a Threads account having 26.6K followers.

Allie Dunn TikTok

@allie_dunn 👼🏼 #fyp ♬ heaven can wait . – 🙂

Allie Dunn also has a TikTok account @allie_dunn having 34.4K followers and 155K likes.

Allie Dunn OnlyFans

Allie Dunn OnlyFans account goes by the name of @allie_dunn where she posts exclusive content for her subscribers. At present, she has about 485 photos and 27 videos which one can watch if one pays a subscription fee.

Allie Dunn YouTube

Allie Dunn YouTube account @thealliedunn has 205 subscribers and 18 videos.

Allie Dunn Net Worth

Allie Dunn earns her income solely from modeling and advertising, with an estimated net worth ranging from $500,000 to $1 million.

Bottom Line

Allie Dunn is a rising American model and social media star who has achieved impressive success at a young age. With her stunning looks, hard work, and collaborations with notable brands, Allie has established herself as a role model in the fashion industry and continues to captivate her large following on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.