In the age of the Internet, people do bizarre and unbelievable things to attract attention. For quite some time, a 15-year-old girl named America Williams has been in the news and all over the Internet, but for all the wrong reasons.

America was neither a famous celebrity nor an influencer, so why did she become the talk of the town? Well, America Williams gained attention on the internet when she slapped her mother for being an influencer. Yes, you read that right!

A video of America slapping her mother to make herself popular went viral on the internet. However, she received heavy criticism for her brazen act. Unfortunately, the 15-year-old girl was found dead in her apartment a few months later. But what really happened to America?

In this comprehensive blog, we have done our best to provide our readers with the appropriate and true details about America Williams.

So, without waiting much, let’s begin.

Who Was America Williams? 

who killed america williams

It was in 2020 when a 15-year-old teenage girl named America came into the spotlight after her recorded video of her slapping her mother for her influence went viral on the Internet.

The video got millions of views and even people criticized America for her bad and cruel gesture towards an older woman. She earned a lot of negative criticism for her stupid act. Many people even questioned the relationship between her and her mother.

Although the video went viral, there were no details about her parents. Her identity remains unknown to this day. You can still watch the viral slap video on social media platforms.

However, just a few months later, the news of her death took the internet by storm.

Death of America Williams

The death news of America Williams was a big shock for her nears and dears.

As per reports, she was murdered and shot dead at her apartment in New Castle County. She was allegedly shot more than 15 times brutally and died on the spot. 

When police arrived at the crime location, they found the dead body of America at her flat in New Castle County.

The investigation of her murder continued for quite a long time. Despite so many efforts, the police officers were unable to find the criminal. The police have yet to comment publicly on the status of the case. If reports are to be believed, the crime seems to be the result of immense hatred. As per some people, because of her rude and rough behavior, America had made a lot of enemies in her surroundings.

Some even believe that the video of America slapping her mother could be one of the reasons for her death. The real cause of her death is still unknown. The investigation is still underway and hopefully, the culprit will be found soon.

America Williams Obituary 

Although her viral slap video received a lot of headwind and negative comments, the death news of America Williams caused an uproar on the Internet.

People expressed their heartfelt condolences and prayed for her family. Aside from the fact that she was shot, no other information was mentioned in America’s obituary.

Closing Words

Yes, the young teenager made a big mistake by hitting and humiliating her mother on the Internet. But no one deserves to die in such a horrible way.

Above all, social media have advantages and disadvantages. They have both positive and negative influences on a person. What America did to gain fame and popularity is not right at all, but what happened to her was even worse.

The investigation into her murder is still ongoing. Hopefully the police will find the shooter as soon as possible and impose the punishment he deserves.