A time will come when Artificial Intelligence machines will nearly take over human jobs. This is already happening as robots are now employed in industries to perform certain jobs. In the medical field, health care professionals use AI to perform medical procedures, especially complex ones. In the transportation sector, AI has been integrated into automated vehicles, trains, and other forms of transport. Similarly, in the business world, AI is used to create AI enterprise systems. These systems are used to facilitate business decisions and operations.

According to businessman Andrew Ryu, there will be an increasing demand for Artificial Intelligence students in the world. Therefore, there is a need for educational institutions to implement AI subjects into the curriculum. Furthermore, professionals should learn AI skills by going for short AI courses in schools like Humber College, Canada.

Andrew Ryu is an entrepreneur that has been doing business for over two decades. He has worked in private and public firms, where he gathered his wealth of experience.

About Humber College

Humber College is located in Canada, North America. It was established in 1967 as an applied science and art public college.

Humber College offers science courses like Artificial Intelligence, business management courses, and art courses like radio and media production. In addition, the college offers health science courses, social science courses, and sports courses like sports management.

Humber has numerous experienced faculty members and researchers who are ever ready to impart knowledge to the students.

Faculty members collaborate with students who are interested in research to form a team. The teams formed work with industries and people outside the educational community to find solutions to real-life problems.

As a student of Humber, you have access to unlimited resources that can help you grow academically and professionally.

The institution supports collaborations, research, and innovations among faculty and students.

This is evidenced when the school took second place on the ranking lists. In 2022, Humber’s FAST community contributions helped to put the college on the research rankings of Canadian colleges. Humber ranked the second-highest on the list. Two faculty members led the research team. They collaborated with some students to conduct the research which gave them second place. The research was focused on how to build an innovative ecosystem to develop the Canadian economy. This research is in line with one of Humber’s aims and objectives, which is to improve the ecosystem with technology.

Studying AI with Machine Learning at Humber

According to Andrew Ryu, one of the best colleges to study Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning is Humber College.

The college offers graduate courses in AI with Machine Learning that last for two semesters. The program was put in place to create opportunities for people to learn new skills.

However, this graduate program is for those who already have in-depth knowledge of computer science and technology. The graduate course will equip the students with the basics of Machine Learning and AI. This will enable the learners to implement the knowledge learned to provide practical solutions to problems. Learners can be able to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in their various fields. Additionally, they can use AI and Machine Learning to mine and analyze data.

Humber has included technical skills, project management, ethics, and regulations in the tech industry as part of the course. Learners will also learn how to work as a team and how to improve their communication skills.

Graduate Projects

At the end of the graduate course, students will have to undergo research projects with supervisors assigned to them. Each project must proffer solutions to real-life issues and show the world what they have learned so far.

The students will show these projects during exhibition events where industry partners are in attendance. Faculty members, other students, and leaders of communities will also be present at the exhibitions. Student project exhibitions have been an ongoing tradition in Humber. Moreover, it’s an avenue for students to network and communicates with industry leaders.

Once the graduate students have completed their studies, they can:

  • Develop machine learning and AI systems and apps that are useful and can satisfy a customer’s requirements.
  • Defend the process used to develop these systems and apps during a presentation.
  • Follow the rules, regulations, ethics, and corporate policies involved in the application of AI laid down by the appropriate authorities.
  • Follow and evaluate the right trends in machine learning and AI technology and make informed decisions with them. The graduate student should always be up-to-date with current trends and skills.
  • Develop machine learning and Artificial Intelligence systems that can proffer innovative solutions to real-life issues.
  • Efficiently manage the time and resources given to developing these projects.
  • Recommend related technology, systems, and apps to clients based on their efficiency and reliability.

The future of AI and Machine Learning Humber Graduates

Humber Graduates are employed in different sectors within and outside Canada. Some of them work with the government, become civil servants, or work with private or public firms. The Canadian government is also providing opportunities for AI and Machine Learning graduates to get good-paying jobs.

Job opportunities for Humber graduates are:

  • Software architects
  • Machine learning programmers
  • AI systems developers
  • Database developers
  • Data scientists
  • Machine Learning engineers
  • AI designers
  • Analyst jobs like AI, business, and applications.
  • AI security experts


Andrew Ryu advised parents to encourage their children to pursue AI and machine learning courses if the children show interest. AI and machine learning are the future, and the best thing is to introduce digital skills to children at an early age. This way, they’ll quickly become familiar with basic technical skills, which will help them when they go to higher institutions.