How to Assemble a Wardrobe?

Written by Ammar Hussain | September 26, 2019

How to Assemble a Wardrobe

The wardrobe is one of the favourites and important parts of your house for it holds all the tiny and big stuff you bought. Despite the fact that shopping is all fun and exciting, sometimes it gets stressful and requires your effort. Everyone has got much unique stuff in their closets.

You keep shopping and with the passage of time, many things get added to your wardrobe. Unlike shopping, managing a wardrobe is quite hectic which we don’t organise timely. However, one morning, the realisation hits you that you really need to declutter and sort your wardrobe when you couldn’t find something you need at the time. At that time you start thinking of how to assemble your wardrobe that things don’t keep falling onto your face every time you open your closet. You start thinking of how to do it and where to begin from. But arranging your wardrobe can be an exciting thing when you are bored or home alone. You may find little surprises as you finally find your lost items or things you never looked at after throwing them in your closet. Here are some of the absolute best ideas for how to organise your closet:

The beginning

Organising a closet can take more time and energy then you expect. The best time to start organising your wardrobe is the weekend when you are relaxed. Firstly, this is important to know what you have. Make a rough estimation of things like clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and much more stuff. It will give you an idea of the things you possess. This will help you in arranging your closet and then slowly start removing things from it.

Categorise your stuff

After you have taken out everything out of the closet, now is the time to categorise your stuff so you can place them rightly. Sort out your stuff like casual and formal clothes, undergarments, accessories, shoes, etc. When you start sorting out your stuff, this will help you declutter the place and give you ideas on how to organise your wardrobe.

Generally, clothes take a little more time and categorising and like shoes and accessories. Separate out different types of clothes like put all the pants in one row, fold or hang shirts and t-shirts in one place, put undergarments like mens boxers online under a separate drawer and hang your coats or blazers accordingly.

There must be some different clothes in your closet that you don’t use very often. Hang them separately or put them in individual bags separately. So, they won’t mix up with casual outfits. Also, keep your everyday clothes in a manner that they can be easily placed and removed. This will save you a great deal of time and also from getting clutter.

After this, you will heave a sigh of relief.

Say goodbye to unwanted things

After categorising your stuff and allocating them to their right places you might find stuff that you haven’t used in a while. It could be a pair of shoes, shorts, belt, any outdated item or any item. Let’s say you purchased a mens vest online and you haven’t worn it for once. Decide whether you want to still keep them or not. If not then straight away say goodbye to them. After decluttering unwanted things, you will be surprised to see the increased space in your closet.

Arrange accessories

For arranging accessories use different boxes, baskets or any type of mini holder. Arranging accessories like bracelets, earrings, hair bands and cosmetics into separate boxes or basket will save you ample time when getting ready in a hurry for an event. Keep cosmetic items like lipstick, eye shadow pallets, highlighters and blush in a drawer. As these are delicate and can be damaged easily. By keeping these in a drawer, these will be saved from any kind of damage.

Arrange other accessories life belt, scarf, cufflinks and tie separately in boxes. You can also fasten belts or ties on hooks.

Arrange your shoes

Now start arranging your shoes in your closet. If your closet has a separate compartment for shoes at the bottom then it gets really easy for you. Simply place your shoes there. If you don’t have such kind of closet then place your shoes under special bags or saves your closet from getting dirty from shoe dirt.

Place pockets of silicon granules in the closet, which absorbs dampness and spares clothes and shoes from fungal attacks. Use closet fragrance sachets, so every time you open the closet, it will smell wonderful.

Though it sounds a bit tiring. But it is pretty much a fun thing to do. Just play your fav catch song and start organizing.

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