Melvin Magadia

Melvin Magadia

Melvin is a gadgets freak. He has written numerous articles on a wide range of topics. He currently works as a content writer for airisX Limited. He spends his free time browsing the Internet or social media accounts.

tattoo removal

Top 6 Reasons People Consider Laser Tattoo Removal

Gone are the days when tattoos were considered a taboo. People wore tattoos because they wanted to be “in” with the latest fashion statement. Over the years, tattoos have become...

criminal defense

How to Find the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

Getting charged with a crime can have serious repercussions on your record as an individual. Just because you were charged doesn’t mean you are guilty. When you find yourself in...

cannabis dispensary

Want to have Weed Delivered At Your Front Door?

With the push for cannabis legalization in most states, medical weed has become more accessible than ever. However, cannabis is not legal at the Federal level. For some people, mobility...


Debunking 5 Common Dental Myths

As kids, we have this inherent fear of visiting the dentist. Whenever we see that reclining chair in the dental clinic, we feel uneasy and twitchy. Statistics reveal that 12...