Photographers and videographers must be familiar with pre-wedding sessions. Lovebirds nowadays tend to capture the pre-wedding moment with photos and videos. Behind the pros and cons, the pre-wedding video and photo today seems to be a mandatory agenda for couples who are going to get married.

At this moment, let’s focus on the pre-wedding video.

As a videographer, like it or not, many indeed ask you whether you can take a video for pre-wedding or not. A pre-wedding video can’t be careless, and if possible, the video must tell a story.

How you do it? Check out these six tips for making an impressive yet lovable pre-wedding video!

1. Look for references and offer various concepts 

Before starting the practice of videography, it’ll be beneficial if you do the research first. This part is a crucial initial stage because how you take a video is more or less influenced by what you see.

You can see in many galleries online such as Bridestory video galleries on website or Instagram for the pre-wedding video ideas. After pocketing a lot of references, you can offer various concepts to clients. 

It would be better if clients decided on their concept. You can suggest an idea but not compelling them. Don’t mix your personal opinions because everyone’s tastes are different.

2. The key is not the place, but the spot

pre-wedding video concept

Wherever you want to take a pre-wedding video, make sure you find the best spot. It doesn’t matter if you take a video at the restaurant, village, settlement, or even not-so-fancy place. Take advantage of what is around. 

It depends on the client as well as what they want. If your client is blank, you can offer a simple pre-wedding video concept with a background in the house, on the street, or anywhere.

Pre-wedding video sessions can be anywhere. Wherever the place is, you must be smart to look for the spot and capturing moments.

3. Understand the shooting technique as well

If you are already good at other types of videography besides photo pre-wedding, it’s easy for you to make a cool pre-wedding video. You must have a technical supply of the camera, lighting, and of course, a skill. 

To make an awesome pre-wedding video, you are challenged to impress romanticism on the results of the picture, show affection, or tell the love in it. For those of you who are still amateurs, you can browse and learn by doing.

There are a lot of discussions about shooting techniques online, or you can join the videography community so that you can learn and share at the same time with people who have jumped into the world of videography, especially wedding and pre-wedding video.

4. It’s time to practice and hone your skills

An ounce of experience is more valuable than a ton of theory. Yup, now’s the time for your practice to make pre-wedding videos. What if you don’t have a client?

You can ask your friend who might have a mate to be your model. This practice phase is crucial for sharpening your videography skills. It’s useless if you only have a theory, but you never practice. Some clients don’t even trust you. Start practicing and feel the hard and the easy of making pre-wedding videos.

5. Edit videos according to the concept

Video editing is the last stage. You can use any video tools: whether it’s online editing tools or such a “proper” software. Start learning to edit yourself so that pre-wedding videos can be as fresh as your concept.

This activity is an additional skill that videographers usually don’t have. Even if you don’t agree, make sure you have a trusted partner editor and already know what you’re briefing on.

6. Consider creating an animation video

Besides creating a live-action pre-wedding video, you can alternatively create an animation version. This work will need creativity. The result of it also might be the anti-mainstream.

Closing Thought

Are you ready to make a pre-wedding video? Not much different from other types of videography. The essential thing in a pre-wedding video is to take advantage of the moment, try to make the couple being video-graphed look romantic.

If you have applied these tips, guaranteed results pre-wedding video you make will be more impressive. Good luck!