Bad Eyesight: Not A Genetic Issue But Simple Carelessness!

Written by Asghar Paracha | May 22, 2019

Vision problerms

Let’s go back in time when you didn’t need an eyeglass or that particular moment when you started developing vision problems and recommended with the first eyewear. And if both or one of the parent already wears an eyeglass while your doctor says it was something ‘meant to happen’; like inheritance, above 80% chance of the claim being false.

A detailed research from the WHO concluded that above 80% of the visual impairment issues across the globe are ‘avoidable’ but it’s our carelessness that we end up having these, only to blame ‘genetics’ just for self-satisfaction. However the remaining 20% or the count other than that can definitely point to the issue being inherited.

With the facts being revealed, we can say that most of us are born to see clearly but some ‘learned’ habits of ours unfortunately decreases overall and vision health. As we live in a digital world, use of computer and likewise devices has increased to a significant level which ended in half the world wearing some form of vision aid.

While some of the problems that haven’t yet worsened can be treated and are considered ‘normal’, some can even lead to serious eye anomaly or at least a point where correcting the problem is impossible without any corrective lens. Some of the vision issues worsen due to environmental factors that can be anything such as air pollution or higher exposure of our planet to UV rays.

Today, more than five-time wear corrective lens or eyeglass as compared to the World War 1 which is also confirms that all of this can’t be simply inherited. Just like the way we learn to walk and talk, we learn to see and how to see it.

Is There Anything to be Done?

Much like special eye drops for dry eyes in Dubai, there’re treatments other than surgery or donning corrective lenses for vision improvement which, if followed with extreme care and precision can permanently rid wearing a visual aid. But then you’re probably wondering why so many including us don’t benefit from the available option!

The Unpleasant Reality

We’re in a world hungry for instant gratification such as fast food, instant contact via the web, cell phones, microwave, on-the-go type solutions to name a few. No wonder why people always seek an instant cure for vision anomalies that can be good for a short period but aren’t effective for lifetime.

Again, most of us don’t realise that doing so, we aren’t actually curing but slowly making things worse. Natural treatments show results in weeks and months with daily and repetitive efforts whereas the outcome is mostly permanent and long-lasting.

In fact, sometimes, wearing corrective eyeglass or contact lens is the most appropriate solution to bring an optimistic change in a person’s vision. However the natural treatment tends to fix the underlying issue causing eye anomaly isotherm than supplements and other such shortcuts.

Now that we’ve at-least learned about the cause of vision-related issues being our own shortcoming rather than genetics, it’s up to us to take the correct path before things get worse like applying eye drops for dry eyes prescribed by the doctor and so on.

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