Some peoples think that grooming a dog yourself can appear like a herculean task, and it can, in fact, be a little keen-witted. But, it is false? In fact, it’s considerably mild to groom your puppy at home, but it’s essential to have some fundamental knowledge of dog grooming best practices. So herewith Stephanie Taunton – California state-certified dog trainer, let’s explore some simple and foremost ways to groom a dog.

Grooming a dog requires some basic tools such as a high-quality brush or comb, sharp and professional-grade scissors, clippers, shampoo, etc. So you must keep these above-mentioned tools ready before you start grooming a dog.

Dog Grooming tips


The first step will be washing the puppy or dog especially when his/her feathers are messy and dirty. Washing includes the use of water and shampoo. So use a gentle dog shampoo to make your dog bath. Also, keep in mind to maintain the temperature of the water. Neither it should be too warm nor cold. Wash the dog properly so that all the foam of the shampoo may disappear from the coat. After washing allow your dog to dry completely before brushing.


After washing the dog, the next step should be brushing. Once your dog’s hair are dry, wipe him completely to get cleared of stagnant, trapped, and twisted hair. Start from your dog’s head and then gently through his whole body. The bottom of your dog’s abdomen is a very delicate area, so take special care to be sensitive when brushing there. Brushing your dog may take some time, particularly if he’s a long-haired breed. Also, try to avoid brushing too hard as this could irritate your dog’s skin.

Grooming with Clippers and Scissors

After all the basic steps of washing and brushing it’s now time to groom your dog’s hair through clippers and scissors. Clippers are often used as a first priority because it is a lot safer than the scissors. Grooming through clippers is an easy way, all you have to do is to put on the clippers on your dog’s hair and then gently cut the hairs through the scissors. But keep in mind that place the clippers for a limited period of time because excessive use can lead to burning the skin of the dog. So try to observe the temperature of the clipper after a short period of time. After the use of clippers, it is now time for the scissors. Scissors are excellent for encountering up and cutting the hair throughout your dog’s limbs, ears, and face.

According to a certified dog trainer – Stephanie Taunton, these were some of the Basic Dog Grooming Steps that can help you to groom your dog at home.