If there’s any room that deserves a little luxury and attention, it is the bathroom. Starting your day with a bathroom you love is a great way to begin your day. And ending a stressful day with a pleasant sparkly bathroom is enough reason for bathroom remodeling. Whether your reason for redesigning is to increase space or efficiency. Or you understand that a well-designed bathroom can make a whole lot of difference in the worth of your house. Whatever your reason might be, here are handy tips from the professionals of Bliss Bath and Kitchen, providing bathroom and kitchen accessories online to help make your dream bathroom come through. There is always something for your space and budget!

Have a layout plan and stick to it

Even the most modern bathroom is based on the layout- the shapes, plumbing works, electrical outlets, water lines, vent stacks, and many more. For a functional bathroom, it is vital to have a layout that meets your needs. However, don’t change a layout or make unnecessary alterations for the sake of it. This is because significant alterations to the flooring pattern, plumbing, waste removal and all can attract additional cost. If your layout isn’t just sitting right with you, you can go for minor changes like replacing the door with a sliding one to create more space. There are high-quality bathtub doors online Canada that will meet your needs and the size of your space. 

Consider the size of the bathroom

While you might be longing for a grand luxurious bathtub, is the size of your bathroom upto it? Overloading your bathroom with trendy fixtures, accessories and huge items will do no good than to make the bathroom space appear overloaded, overwhelming, and heavy. Instead, work with the bathroom space that you have with modern bathroom design hacks for a welcoming, relaxing one. For instance, avoid bulky decorative shelves that can take up footage and float the vanities to free up space.  

Have a bathroom lighting plan

Lighting is very crucial for a functional yet visually pleasing bathroom, that is why it needs to be included in your bathroom design. Lighting can turn a blah, nooky bathroom into a bright, pleasing one. Plus, it dictates the style and mood of the bathroom remodeling. You want a warmer light for a warm, relaxing bath and a brighter, harsher light for the vanity. Hence, you might have to consider the different levels of lighting that will meet your needs. For this, use up lighting to turn the coldest, smallest space into a larger glow. For task lighting, that is the light to see yourself best, mount a pair of cones at eye level, placed at the sides of the mirror in order to illuminate your face and cast out any shadows. 

Choose a vanity that works

A clutter-free, tidy bathroom can make a lot of difference in the feel and look of your bathroom. Go for statement vanity if you desire some attention-grabbing ones. Use a wall-mounted vanity to free up more space. From single-sink to the double-sink cabinet to wall-mounted ones, it all stems back to your needs, space and preferences. And if you are considering fitted bathroom furniture to keep your stuff in place, ensure you include it in the layout plan.

Select the right flooring for bathroom remodeling

Replacing flooring is a quick way to breathe new life into an old bathroom. And there is more to the bathroom flooring than old vinyl tiles. Other options like porcelain, natural stones, and laminated flooring that provides slip-resistant and is good-looking. Patterns, decorative geometric tiles, and ceramic floor tiles are hottest right now. When it comes to flooring, go for your taste and what matches your space layout. However, understand that patterned tiles can be too loud and busy for a small space while it can add beauty and warmth while bathroom remodeling. 

Do not forget the shower drains

It is important to go for high-quality ones while shopping for bathroom shower drains or bathroom shower bases online. This can be the tiniest detail but it can make or break the functionality of your bathroom. You do not want an inferior shower drain that can cause water leakage nor do you desire something that will be difficult to clean.