Summer is almost ending but that’s no reason to stop enjoying your favourite summer sports! In fact, with less people visiting the beaches, going now may even make for a more comfortable and memorable experience! To help you get your 2021 surfing bucket list sorted, here are the best surfing beaches in Sydney to visit!

Manly Beach

Conveniently located a ferry’s wide from the Sydney, Manly Beach is a great place to not only surf, but also enjoy the natural beachy scenery Sydney has to offer. Manly Beach is a surfer-friendly beach with plenty of waves for both veteran surfers and beginners alike. You’ll often be able to find surfing classes for kids around Manly Beach as well.

The beach also holds historical importance in the surfing world, as it was where the first-ever surfing content was held in 1964. Manly Beach was chosen as the premier surfing hotspot (despite Bondi Beach being up for the running) due to its tremendous waves created by a submerged reef, in between South Stone and Queenscliff.

Cronulla Beach

Cronulla Beach is popular for its family-friendly amenities, but that doesn’t discount it from being one of the best surfing locations in Sydney as well. Cronulla Beach is one of the only in the city that is patrolled even during the winter months (between 7am and 4pm) so it’s sure to be a safe beach to swim and surf at. 

Located in the South of Sydney, Cronulla Beach is a must-visit for surfers who enjoy calmer waves with few companies. There are also many brunch cafes and restaurants surrounding the beach, making it a perfect place to spend the day exploring.

Bondi Beach

Of course, who can forget about the most popular beach in Sydney – Bondi Beach. Although mainly known for its stellar views and tourist-friendly attractions, Bondi Beach also sports fun and daring waves for surfers to adventure on. 

Surfers can find the best waves at the southern end of the beach, and enjoy boogie boards and bodysurfers towards the north side. While the waves aren’t particularly high (reaching around 1.7m), they are enough for the average surfer to enjoy a day out at the beach.

Maroubra Beach

Another eastern Sydney beach surfers can look to experience is Maroubra Beach. Like Bondi Beach, the waves at Maroubra are decently exciting and are fit for both beginners and expert surfers alike. The beach is also surrounded by plenty of surf and rental shops, meaning visitors can easily try out surfing any time they want as well! However, keep in mind that this beach can get busy during the weekends, so be sure to visit during the weekend for a crowdless experience. 

If you are just starting to learn how to surf, make sure that you visit these beaches with an experienced friend, rent or purchase the right equipment and clothing, and start with the basics. Other than that, stay safe, give this list of surfing locations a go and have some fun!