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Written by John Mike | January 23, 2020

tungsten wedding

One of the most important parts of the wedding is the wedding band and choosing a perfect wedding band is very difficult. People are now looking for something extraordinary, something which can stay forever. They are looking for a ring which can symbolize their wedding.


That’s why there is a great demand for tungsten wedding rings for men. These bands are a much stronger, durable and long-lasting wedding band. Besides durability, the band also offers you a lot of styles and designs to choose from. So, before buying one, here are some types of tungsten bands that you will find in the market.

Different types of tungsten wedding band that you can buy

If you are looking for a durable and superior quality wedding band for your wedding or gifting someone, you can go for meteorite tungsten rings. Besides, there is a lot of styles of tungsten wedding band which you can consider to buy. So, let’s have a look into this.

  1. Inlayed tungsten band

These bands are the unique piece of jewelry that you will find in the market. But the tungsten inlay band is something very specials. With this mate, various materials can be placed between the tungsten carbide, to give it a perfect an amazing finish. With gold and silver, you will not find such options. You will find the tungsten inlay metal much better than some exotic materials such as ivory or meteorite. This can be the unique tungsten wedding rings for men.

  1. Black tungsten wedding bands

Looking for a ring that can stand out in the crowd? If yes, there is a better thing to do this by buying an amazing looking black wedding band. Besides, when engraved with some messages on the outer side, these bands look more brilliant. But choose a silver color to write the script. If the black looks too morbid for your preference, then go for a two-tone wedding tungsten ring. Such a ring comes with a slick black and tungsten contrast.

  1. Diamond tungsten wedding bands

Tungsten metal is resistant to scratch, and only diamond can put a scratch on it. That’s why these two materials are the best compliment to each other. A simple and beautiful diamond fixed into the tungsten wedding rings for men is a perfect way to enhance the luster and to come up with a shine. Besides, you will also have the option to add more than just one diamond into your ring. This is something purely depend on your budget and preference. But this will take your wedding ring to the next level.

  1. Faceted tungsten wedding rings

Maybe you want to move away from traditional wedding bands and that why you have chosen the tungsten ring for you. So, if you have already decided to buy something different, then how about a faceted wedding band? The band can come with facets in a particular area or around the outside of the ring. With such a band you can go for a simple design, grooved design or something little complex design. It’s up to you.

  1. Brushed tungsten bands

Looking for a satin look which takes the sting out of shininess of the ban or looking for an aggressive brush which dulls the color without losing any of the durability? Go for bushed tungsten bands. Brushed bands are readily available in the market. But you can go for a customized brushing after you find the desired band for you.

  1. Laser engraved bands

Most of meteorite tungsten rings support leaser engraving. You are free to choose the pattern, style, and design for engraving. The text or design is generally come engraved into the exterior side of the rings. This gives a ring an amazing unique look.

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