Is your aging parent struggling to walk and needs support for daily activities? Investing in a walking stick now will be the best solution to this predicament. Moreover, it offers stability to older adults and even for those recovering from an injury. However, sticks come in plenty of types. You can shop online too if you know which style to go for while buying.

Senior walking stick

Let us discuss the ways to select the most suitable sticks for your loved ones.

  • Height of the Stick: Ideally, the walking stick should be reaching your wrist bone when you are standing. If the stick’s height is adjustable, it will be easier for the user to get the stability. Unless the height is right, you will find it cumbersome to climb up stairs or walk on uneven grounds too.
  • Right Grip Matters: If the handles of the stick are not comfortable and you feel pain holding it, you will not be able to use it for long. You might need to go for rubber or foam covered stick. The other types of handles include the offset handle, the Fischer handle, or the crook handle.
  • Folding or Non-folding Sticks: When you buy walking support stick, you also have the option of going for folding or adjustable one and firm ones. The folding ones are in use by anyone going on treks or walks on all terrains. You can fold them and put in the boot of the car, and they usually get a wrist strap.
  • Sticks with Added Fittings or Fixtures: If you are looking for supporting the entire body’s weight or upper body support, you can search for walking sticks with elbow support. There are walking sticks and crutches to help people balance themselves as they walk. There are walkers with seats and even with commodes for those elders who can use these aids.
  • The Best Ferrules or Tips of Sticks: When you look for stick online, you also have to ensure the sticks have rubber tips at the end. Whatever material is used for the stick, the tips have to be with rubber to give them excellent grip. Inspect the tips of the sticks regularly to prevent the wear and tear of these tips.
  • Quad Sticks: When buying a walking stick for an old person, or people with a walking disability, going for the quad sticks makes sense. These can be a wide-base quad stick or narrow-base quad stick styles as per your need. These get four or three short extended legs and offer more excellent stability to the senior using it. Yes, it takes up a little more space than the regular walking stick but is the best solution nevertheless for walking or movement across any terrain.

In addition, sticks are also available with stool. With these many options available, it is not difficult to make the optimum choice for buying walking support stick for your near and dear ones.