Brand New Roof: A new roof is a source of big excitement and also a big investment for the building owner as well. There are so many second thoughts and doubts which a building owner goes through when they get a new roof. Other than this a new roof is also a source of relaxation for the building owners, as they think now they are tension free for years to come. And they are also right to some extent as a new roof is a big investment, and in return for such a big investment, a building owner is right to expect durability for years. But one thing which building owners often forget is that no matter how big of an investment they make for their roof if they are not considering some very important facts then the roof might cause them some problems no matter how new it is.

There are so many occurrences in which the building owners spent a hefty amount on their roof but their roof ends up being a disaster rather than an investment. A roof will start getting damaging shortly after the installation causing extreme frustration to the building owner. One thing which plays a huge role in a roof getting failed shortly after installation is negligence on the part of the building owner. A roof is not like furniture on the home ornament which you will go and just pick. A roof is a lifetime investment. Which requires the building owner to consider some important aspects before getting a roof for their buildings. Otherwise, the roof would be a big fail. To inform the building owners a little more on the subject we have listed some important factors which could lead to roof failure just after installation.

Brand New Roof

1. Improper installation:

This is the key factor in every construction project. A poor installation plays a major role in a roof failure. No matter how much money you spent on roof material or how much time you spent on the roof installation if the contractor is amateur when it comes to roof installation a roof won’t last long. No matter how expensive the roof materials are if the proper techniques are not applied during roof installation then the roof would be a failure. Therefore it is important to get experienced queens roof repair services.

2. Poor quality materials:

Anything would be of bad quality if not built with the best materials. The same is the case with the roofs. If the material with which the roof is made is not of good quality then the roof won’t be lasting long. This is because a bad quality concrete or cheap shingles would not be lasting long, causing the roof to get damage just after a short time of roof installation.

3. Improper insulation:

insulation is not paid that much importance which is absolutely wrong. A good insulation system allows cool air to get in and eliminates the hot air. It also eliminates the moisture and does not allow the roof surface to retain moisture thereby prolonging the roof life by avoiding the chances of leakages and mould growth. In the case where insulation is not properly installed in roofs, the roof can shortly get destroyed.