Bulk SMS Gateway provider is a service that allows a process to send or receive Short Message Service (SMS). This process actually works as transmissions automatically from a telecommunications network. Most messages are routed for mobile phone networks. But this SMS gateway can also be possible to send from Email and other online formats. Currently, there is a lot of Bulk SMS gateway Providers around the world.

It is a service intended to communicate with mass people via SMS service. This SMS service is sent from a computer-controlled server to push the SMS to a mobile network. This server is generally known as an SMS gateway. There are several protocols available like Short message peer to peer. It is used for communicating between the servers which enable the push of BULK SMS. These SMS can only be received over SMS enabled web devices or Mobile devices. Before BULK SMS could only be provided from the web to phone only. But now two way SMS services are available. Even there are some mobile applications that are available for SMS transmission and reception.

How effective BULK SMS for your Business Marketing?

Bulk SMS sends a text message to mobile network users but instead of one user, it is sent to millions of users. The benefit is that it is commendable in just one click. There are 3.7 billion people are using the mobile network.
Bulk SMS can be used by companies as a form of direct marketing to reach millions of customers around the world. In Bangladesh, there are 160 million mobile phone users. If you have a specifically targeted audience for marketing it is the best way to do with bulk SMS. For example, if you have a product for young people, you have specific sectors for your target market. You send an attractive message of branding your product and send the text to all young user Bangladesh. It is a very effective and efficient way of marketing for our country.

How to apply for bulk SMS in Bangladesh?

A bulk SMS application building means playing at the retail market. There is some class of SMS providers which are the wholesaler. They have some direct networks or connections with mobile network providers. and agreements with wholesalers or SMS gateway around the whole world. Building bulk SMS application on the APIs is one of such SMS gateways. This will give access to the platform that text messages sent from the application would reach the destination wholesaler platform. So, to start this in Bangladesh you have to choose a good “wholesaler” who is also best in the market, mature and well documented APIs. Generally, the higher the volume of SMS you buy, the lower the cost per SMS. So to make a profit from this it is always better to buy a higher number of SMS to sustain in this competitive market.

How to send custom Bulk SMS?

The custom bulk SMS is a feature that allows a person to send customize or personalized SMS to the mass number of people. This is very important for specialized product marketing. It is a very cost-efficient process. Meanwhile very effective as it is for some specific selected number of customers. To make a custom bulk SMS firstly it is important to make an excel sheet full of a specialized contact number lists. This Excel with the details the specialized message contained (ex. Name, amount, data) and then put these numbers in the software with the custom message. It is prepared for sending. Or there is another way, there is some company in Bangladesh that does make this custom message with a specific cost. You can also order the custom Bulk SMS with your number of contacts and custom SMS to the company. They will do it for you.

What is the cost of Bulk SMS in Bangladesh?

Bulk SMS allows our Bangladeshi local companies to market a broad range of products and services. Throughout the country at a very cost-effective price. Generally, the software is required to send bulk SMS is offered by the provider free, while the company charges for the SMS. Usually, the company costs per SMS from 0.20 BDT to 0.35 BDT varies on the company to the company and its services. Typically, the SMS sending software allows the company to quickly upload a list of phone numbers. Or schedule messages to be sent at a specific time or a specific period of time or days. The price also varies on the specific several packages, the destination of the country and the amount of SMS.