If your plan of action is to start a business in Kerala with low investment, then your next step is to go through this article to get detailed knowledge on business ideas. Hope it will help you to kick off a new business idea that can give you a highprofit margin in Kerala.

Starting your business is one of the best options because it gives you freedom of talking about decisions, monetary freedom, a new lifestyle, and many more. You cant deny that it will not change your life. Right? And when you are planning to start this business in a state of Kerala where investors are ready to invest in your startups or lowbudget business, what can be more exciting?

Kerala is situated in South India and has several railway stations, ports, and airports that help to maintain a strong connection with other states. These basic factors attract newbie businessmen to settle down in Kerala. Kerala provides another plus point that low initial investment to rent places, or find raw materials at a basic minimal price.

Why Should You Start Your Business With A Low Investment In Kerala?

Kerala is somehow a blessed state in each and every way. Here we will speak briefly of market benefits that will help you to gain a piece of knowledge on why Kerala is the best place to start any business.

The initial price of rent for a house or business place is quite low compared to other states of India. Kerala has 18 airports among which four are international airports. Along with the airport, Kerala is wellconnected by railway networks and onroad connections. So you can understand Kerala provides major connections within India as well as foreign countries.

Kerala is a state where the literacy rate is high. So one can get skilled and semiskilled employees for any businessrelated project. Kerala has a high digital reach that helps one to get in touch with the target audience.

Kerala is a state which is enriched with hightech infrastructure, human resources. Both of these two factors are acknowledged as the most effective element for any business idea.

Also, we will add some factors that will help you to grow properly in Kerala.

  • Create a professional relationship with your customers and business partners.
  • Keep in touch with your customers through call, SMS, or email (in some cases).
  • Try to collect feedback from your customers.
  • Try to find out more possible ways to increase the business.
  • Dont negotiate with the quality and quantity of the products or services provided by you.
    Now as you have already an idea Kerala is the best place to go ahead with your new business. Let’s have your eyes on some exciting businesses in Kerala.

Best Business Ideas To Start With Low Investment In Kerala

Here is the list of best businesses:

Tourism business

Home decor service

Fitness center


Tea and coffee business

Now its time to talk about such aweinspiring ideas to start in Kerala with low investment.

Tourism business

Kerala is known as God’s own country for its immense natural beauty. The natural beauty of Kerala is the main tourist attraction and every year a lot of tourists come to this place to experience the tranquility of nature.

Another important thing is to create a strong bond with your customers. Collect feedback because all kinds of positive feedback will help you in future growth around the tourism business.

Home Decor Service

Many people invest money to decorate their homes. If you are experienced enough to start your home decor business, believe it or not, it can give you a huge profitable return.

You can open a physical store as well as you can go for an online store. You can store a lot of unique home decor items like antique pieces, wall arts, showpieces, curtains, dining sets, and many more. Later you can include more items as per the customers choice.

Fitness Center

Most of the people from Kerala are quite healthconscious nowadays. This can be an accelerating point for starting a fitness center or a gym. What you need is to plan a proper fitness center with attractive facilities that will gain the notice of customers.


Kerala is a state of interesting and dazzling sarees which include Eri silk, Kasavu saree, Mulberry silk, Tussar silk, and much more. Those who are very fascinated with fashion can open a boutique to supply various types of local sarees within the state as well as outside the state.

This business can really go well with the change of the trends. You can also showcase some trendy jewelry sets that go well with the trendy saree.

Tea and Coffee Business

Some of us are very fond of tea and coffee. Those who are fascinated by tea and coffee can start a small shop for tea and coffee. They can sell tea leaves and dustand coffee dust along with a small cafe.

They can sell different types of tea and coffee by preparing the items in front of the customers. In simple words, you can start a live cafe. This can go back to you as a higher profit.


Now, what are you waiting for? Its the right time to lay the foundations of your own business. Maybe at the first step, you will face a lot of obstacles, but slowly with experience, you can avoid all those obstacles.