Buying Gold Jewellery Online has always been a family ritual given the Indian context, as children we all can relate to the scene of our parents going out to goldsmith, selecting a design from a design catalog, and placing an order. Another common thing was to exchange old gold in order to pay the part payment of the order. This has been continuing for ages until the major disruption arrived in the form of buying gold Jewellery online.

Online Shopping Evolution

Buying Jewellery online a few years back was looked at skeptically. While the touch and feel of the Jewellery have been a major factor initially, it was taken care of by virtual try-on and video shopping features that many Jewellers offer. One step ahead is the try@home.

As buying gold Jewellery online matured, so are the malpractices, hidden clauses, non-delivery of items, payment-related issues, returns, exchanges, and an array of other issues spurted up in no time.

Few Factors When Buying Gold Jewellery Online

Buying from reputed Jewellers physically or from a random jeweler online- here are a few factors that one should always take care of:

  • Billing-Related: Most often as layman while buying gold, we often sideline the importance of a transparent bill. A transparent bill includes all the charges clearly and systematically. An example of the attributes is the prevailing Gold rate as on the day of purchase, weight of the item, purity of the item, GST as applicable.
  • The Purity of Jewellery: When you attempt to buy yellow gold Jewellery in Jaipur, Surat, or any other place, we get the feel and touch of the Jewellery, and the scope of selling us lesser purity item is less, in the case of online gold shopping, you should always ensure the Jeweller is selling only BIS hallmarked Jewellery. This way you can trust the Jewellery that you are purchasing.
  • Reviews &  Response: While buying gold jewelry online, check out the Jeweller’s reviews, feedback, and delivery timelines. If he is listed on Amazon, Etsy, and any other marketplace websites, do not miss going through the reviews. On the other hand,  you can also reach the Jeweller to check his response rate, designs, or any physical location in your vicinity, take feedback on their service, etc.
  • Research: Research should be the key to your purchase. Know about the Jeweller before clicking on that final payment button. Prefer established Jewellers who sell gold, if you want to buy Jewellery in different gold tones then look for 18K White Gold Jewellery wholesalers. This way you can also be sure you get a good price differentiation. Some lesser-known Jewellers with a website can lure you with their digital presence but double-check on every aspect.
  • Local Jewellers and Global presence: While buying Jewellery from international brands, understand their origin. For example, when you look up for 18K white gold jewellery in India, there are many Jewellery designs and Jewellers that would pop up leaving you perplexed about where to buy from. Look for genuine Jewellers with an established name and reputation like Chordia Jewels who have over five decades of experience in selecting, manufacturing,  and grading gemstones and diamond jewellery.
  • Gold tones: while buying gold jewellery online, if you are lured by the different hues of rose and white gold, then check for their purity too, In India, Rose gold and white gold is predominantly available in 18K rather than  So, white buying rose gold or white gold check the purity.
  • Price per gram: Gold price per gram isn’t fixed anywhere, it varies every day depending upon the market and the bullion the Jeweller is pegged to. The price per gram is updated every day on the website, check the price on the day of purchase, there should not be a difference of more than a few hundred rupees, else assume that the Jeweller is charging exorbitantly.
  • Buying Diamond Jewellery online: While buying diamond Jewellery one needs to be cautious about the cut, clarity, and color of the diamond. Since these cannot be seen even by the naked only an authenticated certificate can be trusted. Even noted Jewellers sometimes do not give certificates mentioning the details. Hence when you buy online ensure the diamond Jewellery carries a certificate of authenticity.

While Shopping for 18k Yellow Gold Jewellery is an extremely personal experience, make it a memorable one too. Do not fall prey to false discounts, fake Jewellers, and malpractices. Be vigilant, be cautious.