Pet insurance is now becoming popular among pet owners, says Randon Morris. Pet lovers and owners are already buying pet insurance for their pets to reduce the health care expenses of their pets. Pet insurance is a type of insurance policy that helps cover the cost of veterinary care in case of any unexpected illness or injury. For pet owners, this type of insurance policy functions more like property insurance rather than health insurance. With pet insurance, the health care of your pet becomes easy and affordable.

Importance Of Pet Insurance

As humans get sick, pets also get sick the same way health insurance applies to humans it also applies to pets. Insurance for pets helps reduce the cost of vet bills. The cost of caring for a pet’s health without insurance can be very expensive e.g., vaccination, medication, routine care etc. Even an unexpected medical emergency can hit you so hard and can cost you a few thousand dollars. Also, hereditary conditions like hip dysplasia treatment can be costly. Pet insurance covers various accidents and illnesses like diabetes, broken bones, ingestion of toxic substances, emergency care, surgery, medications, gingivitis and hip dysplasia.

Some pet insurance also covers dental clinics, therapy and behaviour modification. You should know that pet insurance provider will not cover pre-existing conditions. It doesn’t imply that pets with pre-existing conditions cannot be eligible for insurance but the pre-existing condition will be excluded from their coverage. Also, some insurance policy providers will cover curable conditions but that will be after waiting for some time without any recurring symptoms.

Types Of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance providers offer various plans which are: comprehensive plans and limited coverage plans. Emergencies like bites, poison or bloat are covered under limited coverage plans while various ranges of illness and injury (hereditary condition) are covered under comprehensive plans. Additional premium services can be included which cover breeding, care and behaviour modification.

Cost Of Pet Insurance  

Various factors can affect the cost of insurance:

Breed: underlying conditions might come with pet breed hence insurance for pets can be costly for such breed. E.g., large dogs are more costly to insure.

Age: as pets get older, they are more liable to illness and accidents. Therefore, age might be a determining factor for costly insurance.

Location: your location determines how high your pet insurance could be, as some locations cost more than others.

Gender: male pets are more prone to risk than female pets, for this reason, male pets can have higher insurance premiums.

Based on the analysis insurance cost yearly is about $700 for dogs and $400 for cats. Also, there is an annual coverage and a deduction of $250 with a 90% return.

Is Deduction Possible?

Some insurance providers sometimes offer fixed deductibles while some give you the freedom to choose what suits you. And this allows you to have power over your monthly payment. Deductibles can also differ in schedules; some are applied to every condition and can be renewed every year while some are paid per condition. Deductibles that are paid per the condition can either be renewed annually or can be renewed per lifetime of your pet.

Is it possible to get reimbursement?

An actual percentage of the total invoice can be reimbursed to the pet owners after the deductible has been actualized. Or other options like the company paying a certain amount per the pet condition yearly irrespective of the treatment cost.

What Is the Best Time to Buy Pet Insurance?

Randon Morris recommends early enrolment for pet insurance as emergencies can erupt at any time. Based on analysis most pet owners enrol for coverage within six months of buying a pet, as pre-existing conditions are not covered by any insurance company. Enrolling your pet when they are young also helps you save money on  insurance as older pets cost more.

Do Exotic Animals Have Pet Insurance?

Those that own exotic animals have a very limited choice of insurance companies. The reason for their limited options is simply because they own non-traditional pets, unlike cats and dogs that are very common. So, if you own an exotic animal you will have to pay more premium than those with a cat or dog.

How To Select Best Pet Insurance Coverage?

The sooner the better: pet insurance for pet owners should be considered as soon as possible. If you plan on getting a pet you should start searching for coverage. The reason is that the older your pet the more expensive the pet insurance.

Put the healthcare needs of your pet into consideration: as a pet owner, it is important before selecting a coverage plan for your pet to make a proper evaluation of your pet’s present and future healthcare needs. Knowing fully well that every pet and breed have their unique needs and specific conditions. As a pet owner you should take into consideration your pet medical history before choosing a pet insurance coverage, says Randon Morris.

Make a comparison: you might want to make a pet insurance selection based on how affordable the coverage is but pet healthcare has a wide range of scope and is diverse. So, making hasty decisions based on price alone as a pet owner when buying pet insurance is not a good idea.

Here are some additional tips for buying pet insurance:

  • Start shopping for pet insurance as soon as you get a new pet. The younger your pet is, the lower your premiums will be.
  • Read the fine print before you sign up for a policy. Make sure you understand what is and isn’t covered by your policy.
  • Keep your policy up-to-date. If your pet’s needs change, be sure to update your policy accordingly.
  • File your claims promptly. The sooner you file a claim, the sooner you’ll be reimbursed for your veterinary expenses.

In Conclusion

As a pet owner, you might only have to pay for an annual medical check without pet insurance. As there is every possibility your pet won’t get sick, injured or have an emergency health issue but are you willing to take the risk. Though pet insurance might seem expensive for you right now, can you afford veterinary bills in case of an unexpected health condition? Pet insurance is designed for pet owners to help them reduce the expenses of veterinary care in case of any health emergency. When choosing insurance coverage for your pet, ensure you carefully consider the health needs of your pet before making an insurance purchase. If you are a pet owner you should consider buying pet insurance says, Randon Morris.