Moving from FL is on the way, very soon, and the costs are one of the biggest problems that concern you. To calculate your Florida moving costs fast, you need to have some information about relocation.

Tips to calculate your Florida moving costs

To calculate costs by yourself, first of all, you need to know what moving costs include and n what they are depending on. Factors to take into consideration are:

  • Size and weight of your items – first separate all the items you want to move and measure them. If you need to move from FL on a tight budget, get rid of some items and don’t move everything. Declutter!
  • Distance between your new home and home in FL – if you are moving long-distance, it will be more expensive than moving locally. This factor is something you can’t change.
  • Packing services – if you want a fast moving process then hire packing professionals. It is going to cost more, but anyway, you need to spend money on buying packing materials and boxes.
  • Renting a storage unit – To calculate your Florida moving costs, make sure to think about each detail, such as renting a storage unit if needed.
  • Moving date – costs are not the same if you are moving off-season and during the season (if you are hiring a moving company).
  • Insurance costs – purchasing liability coverage is highly recommended, especially if you are moving valuable items. Moving companies will offer you some protection or you can purchase it from other insurance companies.


Leaving Florida for another state has costs, of course, but there are many different ways to cut some of the moving expenses. For example, move just the most important items, move off-season, pack your boxes by yourself.

Get an online moving estimate for free and immediately

Money and calculating all the costs are giving you a headache? To reduce stress while moving and not to worry about calculating, there are online moving cost calculators that will give you the average price for Florida moving (no matter where you are moving to).

You just need to enter the size of your move, for example, how many bedrooms you need to move and where you are moving to. More items and longer distance mean higher expenses. It is an instant way to find out moving costs – average moving costs.

Moving process with a moving company

These calculators can be found on moving company’s websites and they will calculate your Florida moving costs in no time. Choose a couple of moving companies you want to hire and compare their bids. To get accurate moving costs, an in-home moving estimate is required. Good luck with relocation and starting a new life somewhere else.