Family reunification is one of the things the Canadian immigration system takes the biggest priority in 2020. In light of this, Canadians can sponsor their spouse or common-law partner for immigration to Canada from abroad. This is not always the case as Canadians are expected to be present in Canada before they can sponsor their spouse, common-law partner, dependent children, and conjugal relationship (dating exclusively for at least one year). However, they are required to prove that they will be returning to Canada after the partner become a permanent resident. How can you as a Canadian sponsor your partner from abroad? Here, Royal Migration, a Dubai-based immigration services company walks you through you the process of application in order to build your life together with your spouse in Canada. While at it, check out Royal Migration Review as proof of how applicants have successfully scaled through their visa application processes without a hassle.

If You Live Outside Canada:

There is more to consider if you are planning to sponsor a spouse from abroad. These important considerations include:

Is The Sponsor A Canadian Citizen Or Permanent Resident? 

One thing is permanent residents are allowed to sponsor their spouse while in Canada but only Canadian citizens are allowed to sponsor their spouse from abroad.

How Can You Prove Your Return To Canada?

Proving your intent to return to Canada is one of the criteria to be met if you plan to sponsor your spouse from abroad.  This is the kind of information that shows that you will return to Canada when your spouse is granted PR. This means if you are moving to Canada with an intention to work, you will have to support your application with a letter of employment. If you recently purchase a property or home, you can send your proof of land title. The final decision lies with the visa office in charge of your application and if all goes well and successfully, the sponsored person attains a permanent residents status allowing the couple to live together in Canada.

Is Spousal Sponsorship Possible Amidst Covid 19? 

The good news Canada is making it a point to reunite families amidst the covid 19 crisis. Canada is still accepting Spousal Immigration applications and you can s go through the process even with the coronavirus restrictions measures. The new Canadian immigration levels plan is ready to welcome about 80,000 family sponsorship including partners, spouses, children to be sponsored every year for three years.

Do You Want Inland Sponsorship Or Outland Sponsorship?

To sponsor a partner or spouse, you can either process the application through inland sponsorship or outland sponsorship.

In order to sponsor your spouse from abroad, you will have to go through outland sponsorship as long as you can prove your intention to move to Canada. Outland applications are done through a visa office that serves as foreign nationals’ country of origin or where they have lived for at least one year.

Inland sponsorship is for applicants who are in Canada but they can also apply for outland sponsorship. This implies that the foreign spouse or common-law partner already has temporary status in Canadian whether as a visitor, student, or worker. While waiting for the sponsored result, the inland application permits the sponsored spouse to obtain a work permit which allows them to work anywhere in Canada.

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