The COVID 19 outbreak has brought the entire globe to a halt. With the countries on lockdown and strict restrictions on traveling, traveling to Canada as a visitor seems far-fetched. The prime minister limited travels to Canada to only essential travel as a means of curbing the spread of the virus, hence, limiting the success of receiving a Canadian visitor visa at this time. Although there are delays in the processing of visas during this period of crisis, I still decided to take the plunge and apply for a Canadian visitor visa. Amazingly, it comes out successful. Of course, this isn’t without the help of the Royal migration solution, a Dubai-based immigration services company specializing in all kinds of visas. I owe it all to them. How did we go about it? Here are tips on how royal migration helps me bang a successful Canadian visitor visa application in 2020.

What do I do for my visitor visa to be approved?

First, get yourself  the best immigration services

Like I said earlier, the whole process wouldn’t have been successful without the help of this awesome team. From documentation to the final submission, they ensure everything went smoothly. With the temporary resident visa or visitor visa refusal rates increasing to more than one in four in 2018, your best bet to winning your visa processing is to have an immigration service that will walk you through the whole process.

While at it, ensure the organization has extensive experience in all types of visa processing and has a record of people they have successfully helped with their visas. You can check out the Royal Migration Review for more on how they have changed lives by helping through all types of visa processing.

Prove that you will be returning to your home country

You need to understand that the concern brimming on Canadian officials’ minds is if you will be returning to your home country. It’s a visitor visa and you are not expected to be living there as a permanent residence. Hence, include facts and proof that portray you will be going back home. Things such as your employment status and letter of reference from an employer,  list of assets, marriage certificates, and many more. If you have successfully traveled to another country before including it. Ensure you are as detailed as possible to convince the officials of your intentions to return to your home country.

Be clear on your purpose for the visit

Why are you visiting Canada? More cognizance is put on this question more than ever especially as the world is battling the pandemic. With the Canadian government limiting traveling to only essential ones, you must have enough reasons and be clear on your purpose of visit. Royal Migration takes it upon themselves to make this point clear to me. While my aim was to visit a family member for some celebration, I never said my plan is to go on a business trip. Be as clear and authentic as much as possible. Another thing that must have helped is the fact that I included a detailed invitation letter, my accommodation arrangements, arranged registration, together with proof of my financial stability.

A Canadian visitor visa at this time might be difficult but not impossible. Use the right immigration agent who knows the rules, works by them, and can ensure your success. For all your visa-related issues and queries, Royal Migration will never hesitate to help. Read more Royal Migration Reviews for more on how they are simply the best in helping with all your visa concerns. Thanks, Royal Migration for a work well done and I wish all applicants success.