Blood cancer or hematologic cancer occurs due to variations and mutations in the cells that transpire in the blood or bone marrow. It spreads deliberately in the blood resulting in the formation of blood cancer cells that do not end but become more severe. There are three significant classes of blood cancer: Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Multiple Myeloma. Blood cancer can occur at any age, but after 30 years, the risk of getting blood cancer is high. So herewith Sami Anwar – CEO of Zain Medical Center lets explore causes, symptoms, and treatment of Blood Cancer.

Main Causes and Symptoms of Blood Cancer

The exact origin and the reason why cancer develops in the body has remained unknown and challenging. However, numerous factors are connected to its onset. Some of the causes are as follows:

Aging – Aging is one of the most comprehensive risk factors for developing cancer. Peoples having an age group of 50-60 are more prone to cancer. This is because, during aging, the immune system becomes less protective and is inadequate to compete and expose infection and viruses.

Family History – A person having a family history of cancer can be a particular reason for cancer development. Because you may get a gene from your family that may be abnormal or faulty. And an abnormal gene is considerably ample to generate cancer.

Weak Immune System – In researches, it has been noticed that a person possessing a weak immune system may get quickly caught by lots of infection, viruses, and diseases. This happens because the bone marrow stops producing the blood cells. And results in loss of WBC’s (White Blood cells). So a weak immune system may also be a certain cause of blood cancer.

Also, here are some of the indications and symptoms of Blood cancer: Brevity of breathing, Aching gums, Anorexia, Visceral pain, Lymph node (gland) enlargement, Extreme or mere bruising, Severe headaches, Weakness, fatigue, Sweating while sleeping in the night, etc.

Treatment of Hematologic Cancer

There are copious types of cancer treatments accessible today. But, the treatment totally depends upon a person – such as at what stage the cancer is, what is the type of cancer, age group, how fast the blood cancer cells are growing, where cancer has spread and various other factors. Here are some of the Blood cancer treatments that are commonly used to treat cancer.

Chemotherapy – This treatment is one of the common of all. In this, anti-cancerous drugs are used in order to stop the growth of the cancerous cells. Also, in this treatment sometimes numerous drugs are given together in a set.

Stem Cell Transplantation – It is a type of treatment in which healthy and non-cancerous blood-forming stem cells are induced in the patient’s body. The stem cells used are obtained from the person’s bone marrow or umbilical cord blood.

Radiation Therapy – In this treatment, certain radiations are used in order to kill or destroy the cancerous cells.

So these were the causes, symptoms, and treatment of Blood cancer. According to Sami Anwar, the founder of Zain Medical Center, it is always better to have impeccable awareness of techniques before executing them. So, if you are still confused or having queries, feel free to write below in the comment box. We will surely get back to you with a solution.