College life is something we all look forward to while growing up, and we all miss as we grow older. Colleges offer several activities and experiences to the students to ensure that they have an unforgettable college life experience. 

If you are looking forward to offering an unforgettable college life experience to your college students, then college digital signage is the perfect solution for you. 

Allow us to introduce you to digital signage.

What is a Digital Signage?

Digital signage is an attention-grabbing tool that can act as the perfect integration for any premises. That’s the best part about digital signage. It is responsive and can be incorporated anywhere, and it would work wonders.

You get to display dynamic content as per your preference and captivate the audience to bring in maximum marketing benefits. When you add the digital signage at your college, it acts as a perfect blend of the academic setting. You also get to modernize your college, something that would bring in endless marketing benefits and attract more prospects.

So how can you add the digital signage to your premises? Here are some ideas for you.

Ideas to Incorporate Digital Signage For Colleges

1) Welcoming New Enrollments

As the new students, teachers, and other staff members arrive at the campus, make them feel welcome by displaying a welcome message for them on the college digital signage. When newcomers come across it, it will lighten up their mood, and they will feel happier and less anxious. 

welcoming new students

To take things to the next level, you can even display the pictures of the newcomers along with their names. It will make the experience more engaging and worthwhile for them.

2) Easy Navigation

When we are new to a space, we find it difficult to navigate around as we haven’t been there before. The newly enrolled students and staff members might be feeling the same. Make wayfinding easier for new students, teachers, and staff members by displaying indoor navigation on college digital signage. 

Highlight important areas like classrooms, staff rooms, library, gym, cafeterias, and other spaces so that the newcomers can move around more confidently at your college and they feel less anxious asking others to help them navigate.

3) Display Social Media Wall

If you want to modernize your premises, then you must add elements that would work well. Add a social media wall to your college’s digital signage. Collect all the content your students, staff, and alumni create for you, curate it and display it as a social media wall on the digital signage.

social wall on digital signage

It is a great strategy to engage your students and staff members. You can also promote your college hashtag and encourage the students to use it. Adding a social wall at your premises might as well help you to improve your college’s social media presence to a great extent. Also, you can showcase your existing student’s reviews on the digital signage to help new students. 

4) Promoting Student Clubs/Activities

Digital signage can be a great tool to promote the student clubs and any other activities your college organizes. Especially for the students who are new to the college and aren’t much aware of what goes around the campus. 

You can showcase past event pictures, display information regarding the clubs that are active around the campus. It will become a great inspiration for the new students, and they can choose the clubs they wish to join accordingly.

5) Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are a perfect integration for college cafeterias when the students are always on the go and want to make a quick decision on what they wish to eat. These digital menu boards are so eye-catching that they capture the student’s attention. They help them make better food orders.

Not just that, you can also add the percentage of protein, carbohydrates, and fats in each meal, so that the students who are health conscious make more confident ordering decisions.

6) Digital Notice Board

Gone are the days when educational institutes would spend endless amounts of money on paper waste. The time to go eco-friendly has arrived, and schools are the ones that must set the example. Use college digital signage as the digital notice board. It will help you save a good amount of money and help you to deliver the information more engagingly.

Besides, your students would give the digital notice board more attention than a traditional one.

Let’s Call it a Wrap!

As we reach the end of this blog, we hope that you have a better understanding of college digital signage. Also, how following some ideas can be the best integration for your college. 

As your students are moving towards technology, you must incorporate the same to give them the perfect college life experience. 

So what are you waiting for? Choose the digital signage software that works best for you and get the work going!