How does it feel like to eat a cold pizza and drink a warm beverage? Absolutely pathetic, not to say a lot. You don’t go to restaurants and spend lots of money to have such an experience. Due to this particular reason, those in the food servicing industry know about the quality of food that they serve. They know that they can have their customers intrigued and satisfied if they present a dish that comes outright hot of a stove. But is that really possible for a company that has to serve hundreds of customers at a time? No, but they can get the equipment that can sustain the freshness and temperature of the food. Therefore, many businesses and companies, which deal in foodservice invest in getting some of the best containers to keep food hot.

Foodservice warming cabinets or heat holding cabinets are undoubtedly the best containers to keep the food hot, followed by steam tables, catering warmers, round warmers, and drawer warmer.

 What is a Warming Cabinet: 

Warming cabinets or holding cabinets is an integral part of preparing and servicing food. These can hold food until cooking or until serving. They are portable and highly versatile cabinets that are very useful for foodservice operators to perform multiple tasks without worrying about the freshness and heat of already prepared food.

The warming cabinet has three types of heating systems which enable it to perform three different functions.

1- Radiant heat: 

The heating elements on the base, in the walls, and shelves use electrical elements and heated fluids to produce moist heat. The moist heat is very significant for foods that easily dry out due to parching heat, like vegetables and bread. The humidified cabinet in the warming cabinet sustains most of the food.

2- Convection heat: 

A holding cabinet offers convection heat that contains a fan and blower that circulates the heat throughout at different speeds. This kind of heat is beneficial for fried food and bread.

3- Controlled Humidity: 

Controlled humidity is the third type of heating system that is an amalgamation of Convection and radiant heat. This heat is favorable for foods that require partial moisture and partial dry heat.

The size and capacity of warming cabinets:

The warming cabinets come in different sizes, they range from under-counter, countertop, half size, three-quarter size, and full size to a double-wide. Different companies offer different sizes. The capacity of the cabinets depending on the size of the cabinets. The bigger the size, the more is the capacity and vice versa.

Benefits of warming cabinets: 

1- Provides Efficiency: 

The best thing about warming cabinets is that they support efficiency. A chef without it will have to wait for one dish to get ready and served to start preparing for the next. But with warming cabinets, he can work on more tasks. In this way, you will be able to serve more people without a delay.

2- Provide food safety: 

Since a warming cabinet has three different kinds of heating systems, it makes sure that it does not damage any food and none of the food goes to waste.

3- Transportable: 

Another exclusive feature of these cabinets is that they are mobile. It can be easily moved from one place to the other. They do not consume lots of space in the kitchen which makes them highly adaptable and favorable for any kind of kitchen type.

Bottom line: 

Warming cabinets are one of the most useful equipment to keep the food while preparing and serving fresh and hot. Their multi-heating system and adaptability to every kitchen make them highly distinguished.