6 Creative Ideas To Build A Succesful Exhibition Stand Design

Written by Aria Akachi | June 7, 2019

exhibition Stand

It is vital to create an eye-catching exhibition design that reflects “wow-factor”. If you want to stand-out among various competitors in the trade show you must have a unique exhibition stand design because the first impression really does count.

exhibition stand design

No matter how superior your product and services, no trade show visitor will love to enter your booth until you make it attractive.

You can hire professionals like exhibition stands builders UK for constructing outstanding stand designs. Not only the stand design but trained staff also play a vital role in engaging the customers at your trade booth for a longer time.

If you are planning to participate in an upcoming trade show and looking for various stunning ideas to build your exhibition stand then read the following tips.

1. Create Your Exhibiting Goals

You must first identify your reasons behind participation in any exhibition. It will help you in designing the right stand that can convey your right message to the trade show visitors. While designing your stand keep your goals in your mind so that you keep moving on the right track.

No matter how creative is your, it will not able to attract a potential audience if you don’t communicate the right message through your design.

Therefore, it is important to design the trade booth according to your goals. You should represent your organization’s image, values, and product or service capabilities through your exhibition stand design.

2. Know Your Potential customers

You should know your target audience so that you can design your stand as per the taste of your potential customers. If you create a fantastic exhibition stand that is going to attract the trade show attendees who are never going to purchase your product and services then all will be in vain.

3. Maximum Space Utilization

You stand should efficiently utilize the exhibition stand allocated to you. Therefore, you should contact your exhibition organizer before starting the designing process and confirm the allocated dimensions.

If the allocated space is not enough for you then you can build a high stand to capture the attention of the audience. Usually, exhibit stands are allocated with 6 meters space. Therefore, you should work on its height, if it is allowed by the organizer. If it is permitted then you must display the logo and signage at the top so that it clearly visible to the distant audience.

4. Concise And Visible Text

Do you know the fact that it hardly takes a few seconds for the trade show visitors to decide whether your products/services are useful for them or not?

Therefore, you must describe your product/services effectively in few words. Don’t write big paragraphs because it will be a big turn off for your potential audience. You can take the help of professionals who can write effective lines and slogans for your company.

After finalizing the text, decide the position where you want to print the text. Make sure you choose the right place, right font style, and size so that it is clearly visible to all. You should place it in the top half of your exhibit stand similar to the Exhibition Stand UK.

5. Display Images

There is one old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” and it is relevant here for designing an efficient exhibition stand. With the help of the right images, you can quickly convey your messages to the audience without writing a huge volume of text.

Select the appropriate images that appeal to your audience interests. Never forget to use the company’s logo to spread brand awareness and also confirm your brand identity.

Balance the text and images on your stand, don’t create chaos. Also, place the images on your stand walls in such a way that they are clearly visible to all.

6. Lights Aesthetics

It is another way to make your stand more attractive and increase the traffic at your booth.

Light helps in providing a luxurious look to your stand and also highlight an important section of your stand’s display. Also. lights allow the trade show attendees to easily read the text and messages. You can use colored lights in a creative way to make your stand more appealing. Angled light boxes at the entrance can help you to create a welcoming environment for the visitors.

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