The importance of having good Custom Industrial Machinery

Written by Kishor Ganatra | April 17, 2021

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The industry is not always built in a comfortable area with enough space to accommodate industry-standard industrial machinery. When space is limited, or those companies that decide to expand their facilities with a structure of concrete ship them to stop precludes production because this would involve large costs that cannot assume, have a specialized engineering solution for chemical process equipment suppliers as it is vital.

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Can you imagine what the cost could be, for example for Mercedes if, due to expansion works to adapt to the new electric vehicles, it is forced to stop the chain? Millions. In the same way, a company that extracts resources that has to move to a new source to continue its activity, and that finds that the environment prevents it from installing its usual machines, is it going to lose the opportunity to exploit those resources over those who already have a license?

The manufacture of custom industrial machinery comes to solve critical situations like these with innovative engineering contributions.

What contributes to the employer to bet on custom industrial machinery?

Custom industrial machinery and specialization

The manufacture of custom industrial machinery does not only mean responding to a specific problem but also seeking formulas for differentiation and specialization. Or what is the same: offer the market a unique product that, since you can only manufacture it in your company, it is you who should make the orders.

Yes, this specialization has a reverse: a lower market share, and a more limited market. But unit margins compensate for these disadvantages and make them a positive for the industry’s bottom line.

Keep in mind that, while the natural competition of the project offers only standardized products, reaching a wider market share, its product is more competitive so the sales margins are drastically reduced.

In contrast, an entrepreneur who offers the market a differential product maximizes its resources and positions itself as a single or almost monopolistic reference within the industrial segment. This allows increasing the unit benefit range of the process to be offered in the market, in such a way that not only quality production is improved, but real costs are lower compared to what a highly standardized product would cost.

Custom manufacturing and production improvement

Why is the demand for custom-made products increasing? This mode of production, unlike standardization, provides engineering solutions to specific problems; situations that are frequently encountered in the various activities that require professional industrial machinery.

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The companies that have implemented custom industrial machinery in their plants have proven how to be able to offer the competitive market a higher quality product with lower costs and a minimum margin error have turned them into very competitive projects whose products are in high demand.

Some myths about custom industrial machinery

All this despite the misconception that all custom industrial machinery has a high cost that small and medium-sized companies, the majority in the sector, believe they cannot assume.

Likewise, when talking about custom machinery with automated processes, one tends to think about the replacement of jobs when in reality what is generated are highly qualified workers who can develop in the company and bring innovation to the company.

Thus, custom industrial machinery is becoming more and more necessary in any type of industry and sector. Globalization requires differentiation and specialization; and this only comes from the hand of innovation, experience, and customization.

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