As you all know, trends keep on changing from time to time. Such is the case with jewelry. Back in time, there was the provision of purchasing custom made jewelry only. But now, you can get the jewelry customized according to your likes and preferences. Customized jewelry refers to the process in which you can get the jewelry manufactured as you like it. It means that you can make specific alterations in the jewelry here and there. These days people want to get their jewelry customized. By this, they add their unique touch to the jewelry. Jewelers have accepted this change, and they have also started manufacturing such jewelry pieces on order. The styles and preferences of the customer are taken into account while making custom design jewelry. You don’t have to get your jewelry customized from the jeweler only. You can also make your custom made jewelry. Here are some tips which will get you towards your custom-made jewelry.

custom made jewelry

Preparation for custom made jewelry

 Planning- The very first thing which you need to do in the process of getting your jewelry customized is planning. It would help if you had a proper plan for this. Plan something out of the box to get your dream jewelry. For this, you can take ideas from your surroundings only like from nature, literature, and films. After planning, draw a sketch of it on paper. This will help your jeweler to understand better what you want your jewelry piece to look like. 

Plan your budget- Do not overlook the financial aspect of this. Make your budget. Usually, customized jewelry turns out to be more expensive than custom made jewelry. According to the store, you can choose the design and the material. And while making a budget, be realistic and loyal to yourself. You know better about your financial condition, consequently, choose the design accordingly. 

Latest trends- While making your custom made jewelry, do not forget to check the latest trends. Please take a look at all the latest trends but do not follow them blindly. For instance, if you are looking to make your engagement ring, check the newest ring designs like in trend, vintage rings, halo rings, or mixed metal rings. Just take the idea from these and make your ring. It should be a unique one. 

Know your skin- One should be completely aware of one’s skin. Some people have sensitive skin and are allergic to some metals. Accordingly, one should choose the metal according to the skin type. Never take any risk with your skin, and opt for premium and superior quality metal.   

Ideas to make custom jewelry 

After planning about the customized jewelry, now is the time to make the one also. There are different ways to create distinct jewelry pieces like a different process that gets followed to make rings, lockets, necklaces, and so on. Here are some of the tips to support you in your custom made jewelry. 

Firstly let’s talk about the rings. Among all the jewelry pieces, rings are the most comfortable with customizing. The primary thing to do is to select a metal for your call. You can opt for rose gold as it is unique. Then choose the gems and stones like you can choose opal, rubies, emeralds, or diamonds. After this, select the stone shape you prefer. You can opt for a unique stone shape like trilliant. As an additional element, you can add birthstones to your ring. Lastly, you can combine all these in a setting that suits you. 

Apart from the ring, you can also get your necklace customized. Not many people like to get their necklace customized as it is a bit difficult. You can adopt a mix and match style. You can mix the chain and pendants of different stones. Layering them also seems to be an excellent idea. As a pendant, opt for the unusual object. 

Bracelets are a forever love. And most importantly, bracelets never run out of fashion. You can add your personal touch to your bracelet and make people go speechless. Turn a thin bracelet into a thick one by adding more and more layers to it. You can use hooks and clasps to make a charm bracelet. It is always the bracelets that add to the beauty and elegance of the person. 

Some people also get their earrings customized. For instance, you can add small pendants to your hoop earrings. Make more than one piercing in your ear to wear different studs at the same time. 


Before making your custom jewelry, take note of all these tips mentioned above. These tips will make your custom made jewelry more beautiful and charming. Your customized jewelry will stand you apart from the crowd.