Covid -19 has affected the majority of industries for the last 2 years, with its impact lingering for a seemingly longer period. However, compared to other industries, the effect that COVID-19 has on hospitality is recorded to be the most detrimental. With tourism being its main source of income, the financial inflow for hospitality businesses is disrupted by the restrictions placed on travelling.

This pandemic has resulted in the loss of many hotels and INNs, leading to a significant number of closures. The hotel industry is one of the largest employment sectors in Australia. It is a multibillion-dollar industry that not only provides multiple job positions, but also is one of the largest taxes paying industries in Australia. In this blog, David Antico will talk about the Benefits of Hospitality Reforms.


Current Situation

It is quite apparent to judge that the current situation of the hospitality industry is not looking positive. It is unclear how long the pandemic is going to last, therefore, people are not allowed to travel from one place to another. Restaurants and other hospitality places are not frequently visited, causing the industry a loss in its main source of income. Though infrequent travelling still happens, it is not enough to cover the loss that occurred.

What Should They Do Now?

It is uncertain when the current condition for hospitality will improve. However, when the time of evolution comes, it would still take time for the industry to recover the expenses, as well as loss caused in this difficult time. On the bright side,there are many things that hotels can do to attract their customers, who are currently avoiding every possible risk of contamination.

Gain Trust by Providing Them Safety and Services

During this time, people are constantly cautious about hygiene. The best thing that hotels could do is to spread awareness on their high level of safety by practicing thorough sanitizing, wearing masks, and maintaining social distance. That way, such businesses would be able to build a sense of protection and trust within customers, ensuring a healthy, uncontaminated environment. Even at a higher cost, customers would still appreciate such security and be willing to pay for the sake of their health.

It is vital that hotels, along with other businesses in the industry, follow the rules and regulations implemented by the government during the pandemic.