How to deal with Garbage and Methods of Waste Disposal

Written by Curbside Waste Inc | December 27, 2019

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Waste is something we produce every day but it is one of the things we dread seeing around. A threat to human health, toxic to the environment, dangerous to aquatic life, it’s no surprise that countries have been coming up with effective ways of waste disposal. Although, this can be quite challenging for highly populated and industrialized countries, it is not impossible. However, all it takes is an extra effort for optimal waste disposal management. Here are tips and methods of waste disposal shared by Curbside Waste, a waste management company. This will help you to incorporate the right method and make your environment a better place.

How to prevent or reduce waste/garbage

Here is one method of waste management that can be practiced from home. Make a conscious effort to prevent or reduce the amount of waste generated. This can be by reusing items for shopping like cloth bags instead of buying new ones. Plus, only buy packaged products when the need arises. Reduce the amount of paper used, for instance, opt into paperless billing and receipts to reduce the amount of paper generated. They all contribute to waste.

Reuseing and recycling waste

Put those glass jars, bottles and plastic grocery bags to good use to minimize waste pileup. Glass jars with lids can be used to store dry food items and bottles can store dish cleaner or detergents. Plastic bags can be reused as garbage bags, wrap dirty diapers, carrying lunch and much more. They all can serve different purposes. Recycling has been one effective way of waste management. Glass, plastic, metal, electronics are processed to transform into useful new products. Know your community method of recycling and follow it. Don’t forget, those old clothes or electronics that you aren’t using anymore can be donated instead of throwing in the garbage. Those items are useful for some people and donating them could be a  blessing to others.

Yard Waste Service

Yard waste service is the yard waste cart, plus 10 compostable bags or bundles of sticks. Yard waste consists of leaves, grass clippings, brush, garden waste, pruning from trees and shrubs, pine cones, pine needles and twigs. Yard waste is a companion service to trash. The following items are NOT Yard waste: Rock, concrete, logs and lumber, stumps, sand and dirt. Compostable bags are bio-degradable bags that are capable of being decomposed by bacteria or living organisms. Bundles should be no longer than 4 ft long and no heavier than 40 lbs. Branches can be no larger than 3 inches in diameter (size of a pop can) and no longer than 4 ft. Bundles must be secured with twine or rope. When purchasing compostable plastic bags, look for the logo on the right. This logo ensures the compostable plastic bags meet proper standards for pick up of yard waste from your home. You will not find this logo on Kraft paper bags. Yard Waste that is not properly prepared cannot be collected by your yard waste crew.

Curbside collection service

Let’s face it life gets busy and many of us are not so disciplined when it comes to waste management. Making use of curbside collection will ensure you and the environment stay safe. It has been one of the most effective ways of waste management and is commonly used in most parts of the world. A simple google search will bring you to Curbside Waste Inc.

Compositing/ vermicomposting

Your plants need those decomposed food scraps as it’s a good source of nutrients. Compositing is a process that entails decomposition of organic wastes such as food scraps, plants and bacteria or fungi to form organic manure. This can take quite some time as these wastes are left to decompose for a long time. However , if you have a small yard, there might not be enough room for compositing. Making use of curbside services is an excellent alternative as they transport organic waste to sites where they turn it to composite.

Whether it’s a day to day waste accumulation or you are involved in a major renovation. Call Curbside Waste MN today at 763-504-2872!  We are a local, family owned company that has implemented successful programs and methods of collection, recycling and proper disposal of trash and yard waste to preserve the environment and improve the overall quality of life.

Instead of dumping waste in canals or rivers and causing problems to the aquatic life, join your Curbside Waste community in making your environment better today!

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