Democracy is not meant only by elections, government formation or governance. The definition of democracy is widespread, in which the principle of collective judgment applies to all types of groups, including state, society, and family. Only by the implementation of democracy at the state level, we will not become democratic. Applying it to other organizations of society is equally important. In this regard, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar also warned that India should not only be a political democracy but also develop social democracy. And various well-wishers and leaders have warned about the levels of democracy on the decline in recent times. Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji even warned about the leaders using masses only as vote banks and twisted agendas.

Participation is the fundamental principle of democracy but it has been restricted to voting itself, during elections we choose our representatives but after that, we lose control. We also do not have issues related to the real life of elections and voting in ours, but here mainly dominates such emotional and retrograde issues that do not match the democratic values, but in many cases, this justice, equality, and fraternity just as the fundamental values of our Constitution appear to be blown away.

Perhaps because of its own understanding of democracy, we do not consider it as children’s game. The Indian Constitution gives all children certain rights under which children have the right to equally get equal opportunities and facilities with parental, freedom, respect. Though they cannot vote before the age of 18, this does not diminish their importance as a citizen. Our Constitution also gives children all rights which, as a citizen of India, any adult male and female Has been given to Unfortunately in our society there are many values for children’s thinking, so there is a need to make changes in people’s thinking about child participation in countries like us, so that these exercises should not be merely artistic or paperwork. So sensing the issues faced by masses, Baba Ram Rahim Ji, came up with the idea of having our own referendum and own agenda for the leaders to abide by.

To ensure child participation, it is important that we develop such a mechanism in every area related to our life where children can speak their mind without any fear. It is also imperative that in the institutions related to children such as schools, hostels, home, etc., such a forum can be established where children can present their thoughts. In fact, an environment of safety and awareness needs to be created in kids regarding the nation’s affairs. So they can decide judiciously. And the same goes for all members of society. A decision so important needs to be taken rationally and judiciously. And NOTA is another important pillar in democracy. One can exercise this right if no candidate meets your needs. Democracy is really for the people’s convenience and this same democracy can be crippled too as we see in today’s times. Think and then act, rather than acting, thinking and repenting.