Occasionally, you’ll want to thank your team members for their hard work or congratulate them for a job well done on a huge project. Corporate gifts are the perfect way to do just that.

Although receiving them is a pleasure, designing corporate gifts for employees can be tricky and intimidating, especially if you’re planning for a company-wide event. If you’re not too careful, it may send a different message to your employees. You may also end up giving them something they don’t want.

This article shares several tips to help you plan for valuable corporate gifts for your employees during a business event.

Start Planning Early

In terms of corporate gifting, it’s never too early to start planning. It gives you enough time to figure out what you should give and where to get it. It also gives you more time to plan to personalize the gift while developing more creative ideas.

You also have more time to shop around and determine which gifts match your employees best. This is particularly beneficial if you’re thinking of giving different gifts to different employees.

It allows you to design a meaningful gift, for instance, by gathering extra materials such as pictures or handwritten notes. By taking your time to design the perfect corporate gift, you can ensure that your gifts are well-received and allow you to increase employee engagement.

Create A Budget

Corporate gifts will cost you. As such, you want to have a budget in place. Plan on the amount you can afford when gifting employees. This is particularly true if you give gifts while hosting a business event.

It’s essential to treat your corporate gifts as any other business investment. Thus, make sure that you set up a corporate gifting budget that allows you to track your spending. Having a budget also helps you better plan for the overall design of your corporate gifts.

Prioritize Personalization

Prioritize Personalization

A personalized corporate gift speaks volumes about your business and helps create a lasting impact on your employee’s minds. It ensures thoughtfulness and a strong connection between your brand and your employees. By contrast, an impersonal gift may just accumulate dust somewhere or even in the trash can.

You can go for gifts like custom lanyards, coffee mugs, or wristwatches with the company logo. Add a personal touch to them by including a handwritten note or engraving their names or initials on the item. A handwritten note can elevate your gift and bring more meaning. Ensure each employee gets their own note and not a general ‘copy and paste’ message.

If you have the time and budget, you can get specific gift items for your employees. However, don’t go asking everything your employees like and dislike. This can be uncomfortable and inappropriate for some.

Instead, you can talk to managers and supervisors and ask them about their team members. If you casually speak to employees, you can also take a few hints about their interests or hobbies. From there, you can find gifts that suit their specific interest. For instance, if an employee likes to stay fit, consider giving them fitness gear.

It’s not the price that matters. Regardless of your choice, a personalized gift can show your employees that you care and give them a sense of recognition.

Do Not Go Overboard

In line with setting a budget, even if you have a big budget for corporate gifting at your next event, you should try to find a good balance between value and usefulness instead of just looking at the price tag.

Gifts are meant to show gratitude and appreciation for the personal and professional relationship with your employees. Sending luxurious or expensive gifts can make some employees uncomfortable. In some cases, you may come off as pushy or desperate, which is the opposite effect that your corporate gift should have.

There’s a fine line between a simple thank you and a bribe. The wrong gift given at the wrong time can cause scrutiny and negatively influence their relationship with the company.

Always Go For Quality

Always Go For Quality

When designing a corporate gift, always look for quality materials. Being frugal and opting for substandard materials and products convey that you don’t appreciate your team members enough to give them quality items.

Keep in mind that your employees are an extension of your business. So, spending a little extra on gift quality says a lot about your brand and how you treat your employees.

Design For Usability And Practicality

The best corporate gifts for employees are those that can be used daily and make their lives more convenient. As such, you should choose and design a valuable and practical gift. Practical gifts that can be used in their daily lives will always beat a gift that’s purely decorative or has no direct value or use to your employees.

Also, if possible, don’t limit your corporate gifts to work. Giving your employees a customized mouse pad or a USB drive feels like receiving more work. They may better appreciate gifts if they can use them outside the workplace or at home, like a portable massager.

Do Not Be Too Promotional

The goal behind corporate gifts is to thank employees; it’s a thoughtful gesture to show your appreciation. Thus, don’t make it look like a promotional act.

It’s a ‘gift’ and not marketing material. You can include your company logo and name, as long as it doesn’t take up too much space on the design. Otherwise, you’d only get a sigh from your employees. You want your team members to feel valued and appreciated, not to feel like they’re being forced to become your brand ambassadors everywhere they go.


Short of raising their salary, corporate gifts are the next best thing to show how much you value your team members and their contribution to the company. Successful corporate gifting is all about sending the right gifts to the right people.

By following the above strategies and tips, you can design the perfect corporate gifts that allow you to stand out in the minds of your employees. They can reflect your thoughtfulness and appreciation, which ultimately boost their morale and motivation.