Lok Sabha elections are a big democratic festival and the election of the 17th Lok Sabha has reached the final stages, but after 70 years there has been no positive change in politics. The voter is influenced by the types of futures the leader promises during the elections and hopes for development but the reality is being seen in the opposite direction. The voter feels cheated himself. Instead of BJP in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the people made PM by voting for Narendra Modi without any discrimination. In these elections, the BJP won in a grand fashion.

There were high hopes for this Government in all sections. Many entities openly supported BJP in 2014 hoping for revolutionary changes. Even Baba Ram Rahim and his followers openly supported BJP. Apparently, their representatives agreed to the agenda set by the followers. Mostly banning alcohol etc. BJP’s win was celebrated by all corners. Internationally too this was a welcome change.

Political pundits termed this victory as a victory of Modi rather than BJP. Foreign media also gave Modi the powerful person and Personality of the Year Award at the inter-state level PM Modi, the same media is now questioning the Prime Minister. The kind of hopes the people had met with the Modi government, in reality, the government could not fulfill the promises made in Manifesto. Riot and violence in the name of religion, caste has increased in the country.


If corruption was stopped in the office of senior-level officials, the people could not get rid of corruption at the lower level. The cancellation made under the promise of bringing back black money in the 2014 election manifesto too could not achieve its goal. In fact, the Nation has termed to have dropped on various parameters. Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji himself wished Modi Ji when he was elected PM. He has been involved in hundreds of welfare works and has been a huge motivator for millions. His idea of a Nation is where the youngsters are active and productive citizens bringing in social change. IT is ironic that youngsters are the least represented lot at any party.

In particular, allegations of government involvement in the judiciary and the CBI are also known and the CBI’s open blowout a couple of months back brought to light the massive corruption that is existing in the top brass. The country is once again going through a dilemma. Despite getting such a big majority, the party failed to fulfill its promises, why? This is a big question in all minds. There are allegations of buying and bullying media for election campaigning. Media is being called dock media in the election campaign. The rallies of the parties are getting turbulent, but no leader succeeded in attracting masses attention.

After all, the BJP’s actor, the player’s ability to influence the people through the show, is not showing any much color. Now the people doubt leaders’ speeches. Farmers’ suicides, unemployment, and other matters continue as soon as People are not expecting the development of speeches by leaders of leaders. This time the voter is aware and is using the right to vote after seeing the entire political atmosphere with open eyes. And Baba Ram Rahim Ji’s message to the masses, in selecting the right candidate, picks the least corrupt candidate as we all know; political candidates are laden with bad records. So giving an analogy he says, pick the least rotten fruit for your consumption. If all are rotten you might have to say, you are unable to decide. But never skip your right to vote he quips.