If you have plans for studying abroad and are not financially stable, then the only thing that can come to your rescue is a scholarship. Getting a scholarship for school students can help students in many ways.

For instance, GIIS offers many scholarships like the Global Citizen Scholarship. It helps students from various regions get a good education and help them become good contributing members. The eligibility criteria are that students should have secured 93% and above or an A* grade.

What documents are needed to get started?

If you want your child to win a scholarship then you need to have an idea about how a scholarship works and what documents are needed for a scholarship. Today we have compiled a list of documents needed when pursuing scholarships for school students.

1- Application form of the scholarship for school students

It is the basic and the most important document that you should have. The application form acts as a written request from the student to study in the university of their choice. Be very careful and avoid making any mistakes while filling out the form.

2- Copies of the passport and Visa

Students from the best CBSE schools have all the documents such as their IDs, passports, and visas ready with them before applying for the scholarship for school students. These documents ensure that the student is a legal citizen of a country and can travel to other countries without any issues.

3- Transcript copies from the school

The transcript explains all the courses taken and the grades earned by the student throughout their academic career. The transcript helps the university or the college know how good a student your child is and whether she deserves the admission based on past academic records.

4- Letter of purpose

These students from the best CBSE schools can write excellent letters of purpose because of their superior language skills. The letter of purpose can help the universities understand why the child is determined to join their university and why they chose the particular program as their academic choice. The letter of motivation should have a clear intention and a unique perspective on why you want to pursue your higher education from them.

5- Letter of recommendation from the best CBSE schools

After getting the transcript and the letter of motivation, the university still needs a letter of recommendation (LOR) from some people who know you. The LOR serves as a testament to your child’s character and learning. The LOR is very important as the letter helps give the university an idea about the student’s credentials.

6- Resume

Resumes are important documents needed when your child applies for scholarships. It highlights the various academic achievements and accomplishments in the chosen area applicable for a particular scholarship. For example, for a sports-based scholarship, it is crucial to mention highlights of the child in the sports arena.

7- Standardized test scores

The major criteria that decide the fate of your scholarship is the score of these competitive tests. Some of the major tests include SAT, GPA, SAT, GRE. The sponsors select the students for scholarships for students based on merit.

8- Other documents

An essay about what the child is passionate about and why she is the ideal choice for joining the university. It is the most important part of the application and must be well thought out and drafted.

Wrapping up

This was an overview of the documents needed for a scholarship for school students. When you have these documents ready beforehand, you will find it hassle-free to apply for a scholarship for your child and get the process going towards successful fruition.