It is very hard to pick the best hosting service as there are a lot of options available. Because many companies offer many about domain hosting service. So, the competition level is very high.

But it is very tough to judge the service by only the offers. There are some other criteria that need to be crosscheck. I have sorted out 5 criteria that need to be cross-checked before taking the service.

What is Domain Hosting Service?

A domain is a name in which you register for your business. It is the name that people will search on the browser to look for your website. Like you have a house, Domain is the address of your house. Whenever you choose a domain name, try to keep as simple as possible.

When you register your domain name it is registered on your name. Only you can use it alone. No one else can use that name. But there are some rules here. That is your domain name is registered for a year and after a year you need to renew it and book it for another year. If you don’t renew it then it will be available for others to use it.

So, before confirming the Domain Hosting Company check this 4 points –

1.  Domain Hosting Service Cost:

The most important criteria are the cost. Whenever we want to take the Domain hosting service the first thing we check is that the price. While maintaining the budget is important. You need to choose the best service provider as well.

While there are many advertisers who are offering at the lowest price. But that doesn’t mean you should jump on that offer. Always remember your hosting service will affect your business in the long run. Because you need a return on investment through sells.

2. Security Matters:

Your website is your online presence.  When your whole business depends on your websites, ensuring security is a must. Because it might get hacked or you could lose valuable files. While many think of investing in website security is not an important factor. But this kind of thinking is wrong. So, it is worth to invest in Website security even if it is expensive.

That’s why a shared hosting service is not recommended for web hosting services. Due to the security issue, it is wise to have a dedicated hosting service.

3. Customer Support:

Customer support is a great point for choosing a hosting provider. When you choose a provider that has a strong customer support service. Your problem or issues will get solved. But when you choose service providers who are bad at customer support that is difficult. That’s why you need to check their review and feedback option on social media and websites.

4. Server reliability:

Server reliability is dependent on uptime/downtime of the website. It depends on various factors. There are many hosting providers who claim to provide 100% uptime record. But sometimes that is not true. To maintain your WordPress Software, you need good speed than others. As there will be many admins who will be logged in to the website.

I hope by reading this article you would like to learn more about domain hosting service. Keep these things in mind whenever you purchase a domain hosting service.