Arrested and Charged with a DUI in Las Vegas

Written by Dale A Hayes | December 20, 2019

driving under the influence-DUI

When you get arrested and charged with a crime or DUI in Las Vegas it could be horrifying. There is danger of losing a license which will attract fines and could take you to jail. You could not imagine how things could change around you. What your family and friends would think about you. There is no way to run through.

Don’t feel helpless and alone. The best way to have a defense against crime. Every crime is different and hence every case. In such a situation you should directly contact the experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer or Las Vegas Criminal Attorney to help you. They will stand with you and guide you. The severity of crimes varies from minor to severe.

Let us introduce to Dale Hayes, Criminal Defence Lawyer in Las Vegas and Las Vegas Criminal Attorney. He is graduated from Durango High School. One of the experienced, determined and knowledgeable Attorneys who would fight for you and protect you. He has defended various cases ranging from drug possession to grand theft.

Hayes area of expertise are Nevada Laws, Blood Tests, Breathe Tests and Field Sobriety Tests. He has 12+ years of reputation and provides quick problem solution with super support. Hayes has practiced from Nevada’s most prestigious firm and then he started his DUI career.

Later in 2009 winters, Dale moved forward with his practice as a criminal lawyer and launched DUI Lawyer of Las Vegas. Dale has attended DUI Trainings and educational courses across North America to implement his knowledge to fight for his clients.

Dale has knowledge of 12 steps protocol involved in drug detection in DUI cases and in breath testing devices. He is familiar with the 8000 models involved to determine blood alcohol tests.

A Unique approach is followed at Hayes Firm and importance is given to the client, not on case or file, all knowledge and intelligence is applied to fight for you. The best tool to defend is to go for trial, evidence is examined and challenged, knowledge of science and law is applied. Trail helps to uncover the truth and jury to take a favourable decision.

At Hayes Firm, we are concerned about your future and we will go to any possible way to defend client rights. Dale is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Criminal Defense Trial Lawyers Association, the Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice, the National College of DUI Defense, the Nevada Justice Association, Clark County Bar Association

If you are in Las Vegas and Caught with any kind of Criminal event feel free to call 702-656-0808 anytime for free consultation 24/7 availability.

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