The temporarily closed brick and mortar stores are suffering huge losses due to the outbreak of COVID-19. 

So, how do users shop?

Well, ONLINE is where the users are! Initially, customers shopped online only when they couldn’t go to a store and purchase products. However, talking about the current times, has become a necessity. Honestly, it has become a habit because of the convenience it has got to offer. 

Looking at the benefits the e-commerce industry is offering, if you’re planning to set foot in the industry, now is the time. It’s time to develop a mobile application for your business that can offer a strong digital presence to reach nooks and corners of the world. 

STOP! Before stepping into the dreamland, the bigger question is, where to start? 

How to build your own e-commerce business from scratch? 

Don’t worry! Here’s a guide that can help you unfold the tangled mechanism. So, let’s get started! 

Steps to Build an E-Commerce Business

  • Build a Business Model 

Before deciding on what you will sell, customers come running to you; it is essential to have a business model and plan. It is the business owner’s choice to build a single vendor or multi-vendor e-commerce store. Furthermore, opt between single-line or multi-line products that’ll be made available online. 

  • Pick a Niche for Your E-Commerce Store 

Decide the niche before launching your online business. Research about the competitors in the market working in a similar domain. Also, it is advised not to opt for a niche that is overcrowded or dominated mainly by major brands.  You can also work in collaboration with other businesses to cross-promote. 

  • E-Commerce Business and Brand Name Registration

Once you’ve planned the domain you’re going to step into, collect name ideas for your business. Think of a short, attractive, and simple name to be finalized. Additionally, you must also have a business logo that’ll enable customers to identify your brand. 

Once the name and the logo are decided, move ahead with the legal formalities, including brand name registration, GST application, etc. 

  • Complete Your Business Plan 

Now that you have an image of your business plan, put together your product niche, target audience, and other relevant information. Decide your budget, monthly expenditure, and break-even point. Outline all the important details and move forward to the development stage.

  • Create Your Online App

While building a mobile app, there are two options you can choose from: an existing platform or building from scratch. The two have their unique advantages; however, the most preferred option is to build an app from scratch. It is because you can add functions and features according to your preference without restrictions. 

  • Raise Brand Awareness 

Expecting a mobile app to derive an audience instantly is not logical. The process takes time, and you’ll need to put in efforts for the same. To raise your brand awareness, start promoting via social media or other platforms. 

Investing in marketing campaigns is the best option; however, if you can’t afford to invest at such an early stage, word of mouth is a potent weapon. 

In a Nutshell 

The e-commerce market is thriving, and it is the perfect opportunity to build an online presence. You might face difficulties when you begin, with a team of experts, everything can be managed smoothly.