We are all familiar with electric vehicles and electric bikes. But have you heard of electric aircraft? If you have not heard of them, then know that electric aircraft are being built and developed. What’s more, big firms in Canada are taking advantage of this opportunity to enter the electric aircraft market. Some of them plan to develop aircraft, while others offer training for pilots to fly electrical aircraft.

An example is a Montreal-based firm that has planned to train pilots to fly electric aircraft in the future. The name of the firm is CAE Incorporated, and it’s a firm that specializes in training pilots. The company also simulates flights and has hundreds of aircraft for training. This is a way for them to generate money and at the same, contribute to society.

According to startup founder and business consultant Hershey Rosen, this is a business opportunity for innovators and startups. They can use this chance to develop products or services for the electric aviation industry.

Hershey Rosen has nearly two decades of business experience. He helps firms improve their business operations so that they can get more customers and have more profits.

What is an electric plane?

Electric planes operate on batteries and electric motors instead of fuel to power the plane.

Electric airplanes have a major disadvantage and that is the extra weight the batteries add to the plane. An electric plane battery is naturally heavy, and when it’s installed in a plane, it adds to the weight.

Benefits of using an electric plane

  • No environmental pollution
  • You don’t need to schedule maintenance every time, unlike fuel-powered airplane. That is less maintenance time.
  • Cheaper because electricity is cheaper than fuel right now.

Why There Is A Need For Electric Aircraft

The aerospace sector alone contributes almost five percent to the emission of carbon in the environment. So, it’s not surprising that the government has given high priority to the aviation industry. It is also one of the reasons why firms like CAE developed electric aircraft.

An executive of CAE said that the firm is going to be the first one to fly electric airplanes. These aeroplanes will be powered by batteries and electric motors. However, she didn’t mention the exact time this will be possible. According to her, there are many things they have to put in place before embarking on such operations. First, they need to adhere to the tech rules and regulations put in place. Then, they need to ensure that the plane is safe for flight.

She was asked why their company is producing electric aircraft instead of fuel-powered ones. The executive replied that it was due to growing concerns about environmental pollution by fuel-powered aeroplanes. Aeroplanes that use fuel emit carbon monoxide gas which pollutes the environment and the atmosphere. It’s also harmful when the atmosphere is full of gas and people inhale the air from such an atmosphere. Furthermore, polluted air is not good for plant growth. Therefore, producing electric automobiles, bikes, and airplanes is the answer to carbon monoxide emissions. This move is supported by the Canadian government and energy regulatory bodies.

Government’s Response To Electric Aircraft Production

The government has called on all industry experts, innovators, startups, and entrepreneurs to provide solutions to the problem. In response to the government’s call, CAE started its electric airplane operation plan. CAE held a press conference and invited ministers to talk about the business operation.

Additionally, entrepreneurs in the aviation industry are trying to eliminate the use of jet fuel that pollutes the environment. The alternative to this is to build strong, efficient, and durable batteries that are suitable for aeroplanes. This is why the Canadian government has called on aerospace engineers to research electric planes. CAE is not left out in this race. It has a team of scientists and engineers that are currently developing batteries and planes with good technology. This is a welcome development at a time when the world needs it most. Not only is there a need to tackle carbon emissions, but there is also an increase in fuel prices.

Pilot Training

CAE has revealed its plan to train its pilots by using their flight simulators. The firm wants to introduce electric aircraft to the public and market them. It is also preparing to open a pilot training center and design an electric flight curriculum for its future students. This will be the first time such will occur in Canada. CAE is set to make a mark in the industry.

CAE aims to bring Canada to the forefront as a pioneer of a green aerospace sector.


CAE hopes that they can develop green technology that can be an integral part of the Canadian aerospace industry.

CAE also revealed their plans to train highly skilled pilots in electric aircraft flight. The firm promised to stay committed to providing quality, affordable, safe, and environmentally friendly services to its customers.

Similarly, other countries are emulating Canada in providing green aerospace services due to the increase in global warming.

Hershey Rosen urges entrepreneurs to take advantage of this to enter the aviation market and also invest in it.