Saudi Arabia is trying to attract more visitors or foreigners to stay, live, or work in the country. Hence, it has made it easy for foreigners to apply for visas. One such process is the Enjazit visa application. Saudi Arabia wants more people to go to Saudi for reasons other than Hajj or Umrah. And this is where Enjazit, introduced by Saudi’s Crown Prince, comes in. The visa aims to minimise the way Saudi depends on oil. The country wants to diversify its portfolio to include sectors like tourism and so on.

A brief introduction to Enjazit

Enjazit is the e-application portal for applying for Saudi visas. Once you click apply, your application will be sent directly to the Saudi Embassy. The embassy where it would be sent would be the Saudi Embassy address listed in your invitation letter. Those who need invitation letters are visitors visiting their families, business visit, and work visa. It is your host living in Saudi that will invite you over to visit.

Additionally, the letter must include the consulate address, which must also correspond to that consulate you’re applying to. Then you have to print the Enjazit receipt and put along other vital documents related to your application.

Why Enjazit is important

Foreign nationals intending to stay in Saudi must have Saudi visas. But some countries don’t require a visa to go to Saudi. That is, nationals of such countries don’t need a Saudi visa. But if your country is not exempted, you must apply for one.

Furthermore, you need to register online on the Enjazit website to begin your visa application. This is a very important process you can’t skip. This is because once you register, the consulate will know that someone is processing a Saudi visa. Additionally, you will pay for the Visa processes on Enjazit website.

When did the government introduce Enjazit?

The Enjazit visa for foreigners came into existence in 2019 and it is available online. In addition, 51 countries are eligible for online application at a stipulated fee. They can obtain the visa before going to Saudi or on the day they arrive in the country. Saudi Arabia also has a one-month single-entry visa for foreign nationals. On the other hand, visitors intending to go to Saudi multiple times will have to hold multiple-entry visas. This visa type lasts for 90 days only.

Other Visas

Enjazit online registration

The Enjazit website has different visa types for international applicants. Applicants need to submit their documents at the right time.

These are other Enjazit visas available in Saudi for foreigners:

  • Umrah Visas: These are for Muslims going to perform their religious rites.
  • Tourist Visas: For tourist visas, citizens of countries eligible for Enjazit can apply online. Or they can register for Enjazit at the Saudi point of entry.
  • Newborn Visas: These visa types are for new babies born in Saudi to foreigners living in Saudi.
  • Family Visitor Visa: For visitors visiting their relatives in Saudi.
  • Business Visit Visa: Businessmen and women visiting Saudi for business purposes need this.
  • Study Visa: For international students planning to study in Saudi.
  • Transit visa: For those with connecting flights with an 11-hour stopover in Saudi, they can stay without a visa. But if your stopover is 12 hours or more, you need a transit visa. Also, if you are unsure whether you’d need a transit visa, contact the agency you used or the embassy. Otherwise, if you must have a transit visa and you are without one, you might be delayed. The consequence is that you might miss your connecting flight, or worse. Furthermore, your passport type might also determine if you should get the visa.
  • Work Visa: These are visas for those seeking to work in Saudi.
  • Expatriate Visa: This visa type is for expatriates, and so on.

If your country is ineligible for online Enjazit visas registration, get in touch with the embassy. Or message the Saudi consulate located in your country.

Enjazit registration Process

The Enjaz application process is in two ways. One is via a visa processing firm authorised by the Saudi authorities and works with the country’s embassy daily. However, tourist visas aren’t available via a processing firm. The reason is that the government has opened an e-visa application portal separately for filing these visas. The other process is self application.

The registration stage

To complete this stage, you must successfully follow several steps. As a result, many applicants choose the option of using Saudi visa processing firms. But if you choose this route, make sure that the firm has the Saudi government licence to offer such services. Failure to do so, you might end up with a fake visa and be banned from Saudi.


For self-application, go to the Enjazit visa website to do the process yourself. Note that the Enjazit website is in the Arabic language, therefore, if you don’t understand the language, you have to translate it into your language. Once you are done with that, there is an individual link on the website. Click on it to go to the application webpage. Apply and upload the required documents. Print the receipt of the visa payment, and visa application form. Then send them along with the other application documents to the Saudi consulate.

How the visa processing firms work

Enjazit processing firms collaborate with the public and Saudi’s ministry of foreign affairs to provide visa services. The applicants will then pay the visa charges through Enjaz website or to a firm authorised by the embassy. The visa application is a very transparent and easily doable process if you follow the right and legal way.


Enjazit applications are essential for visitors going to Saudi. This helps the government to know the type of people entering the country and for what purpose. To avoid troubles with the immigration, it is better to research which visa type suits your purpose. This way, it is easy to apply for a suitable visa and move freely in Saudi Arabia.