Successful Businesses: 5 Inspiring Entrepreneurial Success Stories

Written by Rana Moneeb | March 30, 2020


There are times when one feels that one will never be able to fulfill a dream, we think that we don’t have enough money, the necessary skills, even that we are old or very young, but what about those who did manage to have successful businesses and become celebrities will not have gone through the same? How did they do it?

These are questions that haunt our heads, preventing us from moving forward and fighting for our dreams of successful businesses, but what I can tell you is: Act in spite of fear!

Many entrepreneurs before having successful and profitable businesses had to go through difficult situations, but what did they achieve in the end: Success.

So here are five inspiring stories of people like you who started with almost nothing and yet achieved what seemed impossible: Successful Businesses and Celebrities.

Business Success: 5 inspiring success stories

1. Les Wexner:

As a kid, he worked very hard to get things that other kids got for free: Shoes, clothes… When it was summer he used to mow the lawn and in the winter he used to clear the snow from the houses.

He left college to start his own business: a clothing store with a $5,000 loan from his aunt. In 5 years what started out as a small store turned into successful businesses: Victoria Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, Express Men, and Limited.

2. Richard Branson:

In school, he had a bad performance because he suffered from dyslexia, so in his free time he would go out and buy records at a discount and sell them from his car – hehe, I remember my classmates who sold candy, sandwiches… in college – With those sales, he made enough money to open his own store in London, and then he created a record label known as Virgin Records.

Now Branson has successful businesses: 360 companies under the Virgin brand such as Virgin Airlines.

3. Oprah Winfrey:

She grew up without a lot of things that maybe we all take for “obvious” that we should have: Shoes, clean bathrooms, or new clothes. In spite of all this Oprah kept going and today she has a show that is a great motivation and inspiration for many entrepreneurs.

4. Colonel Sanders:

For a long time he lived on social security checks, but one day he offered his secret recipe – to prepare fried chicken from his own recipe, with eleven herbs and spices, which he patented in 1940 – to 1,099 companies until he heard his first “yes. By 1964, Sanders had 600 KFC franchises and, of course, successful businesses.

5. Michael Dell:

While studying at the University of Texas he published an ad that said: Computer Repair and Upgrade. He did it just to make a little money, but because of the success, he left the university and soon after he set up his own computer store: Dell.

Now Michael Dell has a successful business selling custom computers.

What do all these celebrities have in common that made them successful and successful businesses?

First, commitment: Daily practice is important to succeed with your venture.

Second, you must have self-discipline and by self-discipline I mean you must love what you do, improve and see how you improve and have successful businesses. Oprah got into the habit of getting better every day with what she knows how to do and working for that every day.

“Love what you do and with constant dedication, you will be able to build a business around your passion.

Third, in the case of Richard Branson, his love of music and his passion for making things better was what drove him to start his own record business, to be successful and to have successful businesses.

“My interest in life comes from setting myself enormous, seemingly unattainable challenges and trying to overcome them.Richard Branson.

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