These days it is common to hear about incidents where someone sues the other party over defamation or harassment issues.  Society has now slowly got the importance of mental health problems and how a healthy workplace or environment can help in the wellbeing and betterment of a human being. There was a time when it was even difficult to express the torturous feeling while facing any gender discrimination, harassment, or race discrimination issue at the workplace because people took it for granted. But now with time and awareness through electronic media and social media people know their rights and know-how to get them as well.

I remember the time when a competent lady employer who was the next eligible person for the promotion was let go just because she raised her voice against the discriminated decision that took the promotion away from her. That position was given to another employee who was certainly unfitted for the job but just because he had a strong reference, the director was obliged to give him the respective position. The lady resigned the next day and sued the company and even won the court decision.

But the question is why to take things up to that level that a court gets involved. Why the employers, boss or higher authorities cant take timely action against the toxic culture and provide a healthy competitive environment to every employee with equal opportunities so that things do not get any worse. This is the theme of today’s discussion and we are going to talk about easy and simple ways that can be helpful both for employees and employers as well.

One of the simple tricks that can eradicate this weird culture is the use of employee monitoring software like the OgyMogy and the most important mic Bug app feature. The feature can be used through the android device or even the computer, tablet, or laptop by using the android and Mac, and windows version by the employers. The details about how this tool can help to make the work environment easier for the respective person are as follows.

Mic Bug Of Employees Device Is Legal:

An important thing to mention here is that using the company-owned device to listen to employees’ random chats and discussion is completely fine and legal. It is the right of the employer to know how the company-owned devices are being used by the employees. So no need to worry about legal formalities and just use them right away without any fear.

The mic bug feature bugs the mic of the target device. Thus if the employee is around the target device then the user can remotely listen to all the surrounding sounds and voices.

How Can It Help:

Track Any Illegal Entry :

If anyone has use resources other than legal merit to get any post or position then he will sure talk about that. Use the employee monitoring mic bug feature to listen to all the surrounding voices inside or outside the workplace through the company-owned device and track any bad apple right away.

Its Time To Say Good-Bye To Gender Discrimination:

I guess it’s time to say goodbye to gender discrimination in this century as girls have proved themselves in almost all the fields of life worldwide. So still if your workplace does not provide a healthy environment for lady employees then this one is on you. Use the mic bug feature to listen to all the indies matters and know about such issues right away.

Bullying/ Harassment Is A Crime:

Know about any potential bully or a person who abuses his powerful position to make trouble for others. Listen to the interns and junior employee’s random discussion to find out about any kind of hideous act and take timely action to warn any other potential bully right away.

OgyMogy offer all the feature in the set form. The package version makes it easy for the user to select a deal that contains most of the related features. The process is very simple and easy. Just select the deal, Install it in the target smart device and start tracking. You must have physical access to the target device at the time of installation moreover the installation can not be done to the password encrypted device.