Do you use Facebook to promote your business? In this case, the way Facebook marketing your posts makes it difficult for you to reach your customers with certain types of content.

Facebook limits the distribution of non-paid advertising content to users’ news feeds. The company identified three types of messages as “very promotional”.

  •     Publications that encourage you to only buy products or install applications.
  •     Publications encouraging participation in contests and draws without actual reference.
  •     Re-publication of the same material as an advertisement.

If you post promotional material on your Facebook page, you can expect it to reach a very small number of subscribers.

  1. Difficult to reach your customers through Facebook marketing

Facebook targets commercial and promotional publications but takes a lighter approach with high-quality, non-advertising messages. Your challenge is to create content that interests your customers to ensure that you do not openly sell your products or services.

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It forces you to better promote your business, says Chris O’Shea, a business consultant at BDC, whose speciality is helping entrepreneurs improve their sales and marketing results. You have no choice but to create interesting, informative, and entertaining content to reach your Facebook subscribers.

Solution: Create high value-added content

It is important to know your audience and try to understand which content will be most popular. Tap into your daily interactions with your customers to create content that will spark their interest.

  1. If you want to post promotional material on Facebook then you have to pay

You may hesitate to invest in advertising campaigns on Facebook marketing as you have come across many entrepreneurs to consider this media as a free Facebook marketing tool. This is unfortunately no longer the case. For your promotional publications to be distributed to your current and potential customers, you have to pay.

Solution: For promotions consider paying for your products or services on Facebook

Facebook has more than two billion members. No business can afford to ignore such an audience, especially if it needs to reach consumers.

Why not consider allocating a portion of your marketing budget to Facebook ads? Consider your page as the cornerstone of your online marketing plan. It has a multitude of easy-to-use tools to help you create ads and target the right audience for your business based on age, location, interests, etc. By understanding the platform and its potential, you can better Your marketing budget will be able to spread

Ultimately, the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing strategy depends on your knowledge of how this media works. Therefore it is often beneficial to consult an external expert, who will suggest you the best way to use Facebook and your other social media pages.

  1. You should closely monitor the performance of your Facebook page likes

Facebook claims that reducing the number of promotional publications improves the quality of news feeds for all users and that companies creating high-quality content are still able to reach their customers.

However, independent studies show that overall organic reach (the number of subscribers accessing non-paid publications) is declining. If you go down, it is doubly important to evaluate the impact of your publications when they actually reach your subscribers.

Solution: measure your efforts

Your goal is to improve your conversion rate. Monitor how successfully you achieve your goals (sales, contact form downloads, newspaper subscriptions, calls, etc.) for every dollar invested in your Facebook marketing. Measuring your results should be a cycle of continuous improvement that is an important step: take action, measure the results, correct your strategy, and resume.