For any industry, company, and business, it is indispensable to know its customers right before instigating their operation. This is because it gives them a clarity of what to make and for who to make, these are some bold questions and might sound vague if any service or product provider do not pay high attention or consideration to these valuable factors, as not doing so will ensure an inevitable disaster.

There are countless examples where businesses have failed to establish a foundation and the main reason behind it is the obliviousness of their targeted market. This happens when businesses have myopic views or are hasty in their decision making. Moreover, companies have known to be arrogant in their approach due to the vision of the leader and ending up in turmoil and for themselves as well as the stakeholders.

We will be primarily focusing on how the Pakistani retail fashion brands define their consumer base, those who are bewildered and those who have diligently formulated their consumer profiling by assimilating the demographics, psychographics and geographic in the most prolific way.

The Youthful Spirit:

Belonging to the age group of late teens to early twenties these people have a great zeal and passion to experiment, since they are young and their mind is a cluster of ideas, people in this age will take up latest trends, fashions and go beyond the confined limits to dress up opulent, bold to appear different from their peers. The brands that are catering to this segment are mainly high street brands like Breakout, Outfitters, Levis and more, fundamentally because these brands immediately take elements from the popular fashion weeks and imply them in their fast-fashion ranges, this gives them a great edge and good market share since these brands specifically target people who do not have a lot of money to spend on fashion and lifestyle. In addition, fast fashion is the principal choice of the youthful spirit in any region of the world and it culminates into a win situation for both the parties, consumer and the brand.

The Young Professional:

As the name implies, this age bracket embodies people who have just come out of their universities and started their professional life. This means that these people are out of their youthful spirit and moving into a new dimension of life, but not entirely as it takes time for people to let go of their old habits and fashion is nothing peculiar when it comes to giving up on old habits, and that is also a huge dilemma. Ask yourself this question and you will be able to fathom it properly. Moreover, this age bracket with different preference and taste likes mixing up their dressing with the insinuation of experimental elements and formal ones. To give a clear understanding, smart casual wear is the proper way to go for these individuals and there’s no other clothing company that fulfills their appetite except for Monark clothing which has to build a robust repute in categorizing as the most trendy, contemporary, progressive smart casual menswear brand in Pakistan, this is quite conspicuous in the mode of marketing they utilize as well as the merchandise, specifically the suiting, sweaters, jackets and all other supporting categories that  are always rich in design elements and fills the insatiable fashion desires of this target market.

Middle Age:

This is the most perplexing age in a human’s life as it can be polarized by either being conservative when it comes to fashion or on the contrary, it can be vivid and radical. Most of the people in this age have solidified their place in the work field and many have started a family. Those people who are overwhelmed by the responsibilities of life will deliberately seem mundane in every aspect of it, for them their family is the premium focus of their existence and this may also cause several inconveniences for them, as not looking after one’s self can result in devastating consequences both mentally and physically. In contrast, people who keep their impish curiosity alive and do not repress their youthful zeal, tend to enjoy their life more than others because they will dress up in more grandiose ways and fulfill their long-awaited desires. In fashion retrospect, these people will also experiment with their clothing and would not shun any innovative and modern trend, as compared to those who are overwhelmed with responsibilities and act otherwise.

Mature or Old Age:

Finally, the age group which is very considerable on their fashion choices in the mature segment of the population, these people are more focused on the functionality of the product rather than fashion elements, they will focus on value for money products and their buying behavior would be very sporadic and classy.

All in all, those companies or businesses which do their homework diligently, which is to say defining their consumer portfolio and developing an approach to cater to their needs are the ones that stand out as triumphant, both financially and famously.