Are Children the Forgotten Victims of Substance Abuse?

Written by John Bryan | September 7, 2020

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According to a notable suboxone doctor Providence, the impacts of substance abuse and drug addiction are severe and extend beyond the afflicted patients. The substance addiction and opioid epidemic are claiming numerous lives across the earth, irrespective of their age, gender, ethnicity, or other demographics. While these individuals are battling the excruciatingly painful and dark consequences of substance addiction, numerous others are the innocent victims of substance abuse.

According to research published in a notable academic journal, substance addiction and the opioid epidemic has severely maimed the foster care system. The study points out the harrowing picture where numerous children are being sent to foster care every year because they lose their parents or guardians due to substance addiction.

Suboxone doctors near me provide an accurate picture of the impacted foster care system:

The research published in the aforementioned academic journal derived its data from the adoption and foster care analysis and reporting system that reported more than 5 million children entrusted to foster care authorities within one and a half decades from the 2000s. Apart from the usual reports of neglect and child abuse, more than 1.1 million children were taken by foster care authorities because of their parents’ lingering drugs and substance addiction.

Substance addiction is one of the primary evils that is sending children in foster care.

Doctors specializing in sublocade near me say that within these 1.1 million children, the state authorities found a majority lacking proper care due to their parents’ addictive behavior and failure to control their substance addiction. As a result, these unfortunate children were sent to foster care homes. Many children lost their parents in cases of drug overdose or were detained in prison due to illegally selling drugs or due to other criminal activities resulting from illicit drug usage. In these cases, the absence of ideal relatives who could assume guardians’ role landed these unfortunate children in state custody.

Suboxone doctors near me state that the new millennium’s start recorded around 15% foster care entrances due to substance addiction. While the numbers continue to grow, children’s foster care entrances due to parental abuse or neglect have subsequently declined. Suboxone doctors have also revealed that the children sent to foster care because of their parents’ substance addiction are primarily kids below the age of five. There was no geographical dominance, as the nationwide substance abuse and opioid epidemic kept on stripping more and more unfortunate children from their parents’ love and affection and deposited them in foster care. A renowned suboxone doctor Providence says that almost half of the children who end up in foster care homes or adoption centers have parents who are battling the severities of drugs and substance addiction in specific states like Ohio.

How to develop a solution to the impending crisis?

The research and the studies conducted on mortality and overdoses due to substance addiction usually try to create a better environment for the adults. In hindsight, there is a shortage of evidence on how the substance addiction and the opioid epidemic affect children. Therefore, the previous research and the journal articles are shedding light upon the situation and could help reform the foster care system and improve the children’s state, the suboxone doctors near me believe.

Suboxone Doctors and addiction experts feel that there is a massive requirement for establishing drug courts and sponsored treatment programs for addicted parents. Ideally, these should be set up by the state and the local governments. Doctors specializing in sublocade near me say that children suffer from trauma when separated from their parents. In addition to this, substance addiction pandemic is overburdening the foster care system.

Though, the situation is improving slightly with the rise in suboxone treatment centers and drug rehabilitation services that are providing personalized recovery regimes. There is also a lot of hope for parents of children who are not well off and cannot afford to pay the sublocade price for their treatments. There are different options like insurance coverage, Medicaid, cost assistance, and even sliding scale treatments in modern drug rehabilitation programs that treat patients suffering from substance addiction.

In the end:

Suboxone doctors near me say that the growing awareness and the rise in maintenance medication like Buprenorphine will gradually alleviate this situation. These modern medical miracles should prioritize keeping a family united when the parents undergo drug addiction treatment or reinstating a child after his or her parent has successfully attained recovery and is maintaining sobriety.

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